Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paul Ryan Claims His Views on Women, Abortion, Rape and Birth Control are "Distractions" from More Important Things.

Ladies, did you know that you're reproductive health is a distraction from more important issues? Yes, according to "forcible rape" Ryan, being raped is a distraction. Listen to Ryan say it in his own words:
As for birth control, Paul Ryan says that no one is trying to limit access to birth control. Well, that might work if you haven't been paying attention to what the Republicans have been doing in the House of Representatives. But to insiders and junkies alike, Ryan is trying to deflect attention from bills such as the one proposed by conservative Senator Roy Blunt, "...that would have overridden the Obama Administration's new contraception coverage rule and allowed any employer to refuse to cover any kind of health care service by citing 'moral reasons.'" As a Catholic, Paul Ryan should know that actions speak louder than his words. 
Of course Ryan and Romney are trying to claim Ryan's connection to the Aiken/forcible rape/abortion scandal a distraction because they got caught with their hand in the radicalism cookie jar. Back when no one was paying attention to the doings of Congress, Paul Ryan probably didn't think his support for a bill that sought to redefine rape would haunt him later-on. Yet, now that Ryan is in the spot-light as a potential vice-president, and for his connections to Rep. Todd Aiken, he's trying to hide that past by clearly stating, "rape is rape." In terms of a distraction, I think Ryan brought up the idea of a distraction because he would love for something to distract the public and the media away from his radical record in Congress.
Apparently, rape and birth control are not important enough to Paul Ryan to discuss on the presidential level, which should tell you everything you need to know on how today's Republican Party views women; as distractions. So, ladies, show Paul Ryan that you aren't a distraction. Show Paul Ryan that you are indeed the majority of voters in America by voting against the Romney-Ryan candidacy. 

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