Thursday, June 28, 2012

Analysis of the Supreme Court Upholding "ObamaCare."

Surely most of you have already heard that the Supreme Court ruled "ObamaCare" to be constitutional. What I found interesting was that conservative  Chief Justice John Roberts was in the majority that upheld President Obama's health care reform. I think Roberts's ruling makes it hard for conservative politicians like Mitt Romney to say that the health care law is a "socialist" policy. Unless they are prepared to call Chief Justice John Roberts a socialist, which seems highly unlikely since he is a conservative nominated by President George W. Bush who no one would mistake for a liberal!!

If Republicans want to continue fighting "ObamaCare" then they will have to be prepared to go against a conservative U.S. Supreme Court. As well as the U.S. Constitution. That would be foolish since the U.S. Supreme Court is highly respected by most Americans. In addition, I think most Americans are ready to move on. The last four years was spent arguing about health care and now that the Supreme Court has ruled "ObamaCare" to be constitutional, I think most Americans want to focus on the economy.

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