Thursday, February 02, 2012

Romney Blows off Poor Voters.

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By now you have probably heard Mitt Romney's comment that he's not very concerned with the very poor. If you haven't read about the original story, click here to read about it. Romney is doing "damage control" today saying he meant he isn't very concerned by the poor because they already qualify for programs that assist them. However, the reason such a comment is outrageous is because Romney proposes cuts to the very programs he says are available for the very poor!! 

His comment presents a wider problem for Mitt Romney. It builds upon the already well established narrative that Romney is an aloof and sometimes callous multi-millionaire. All those years buying distressed companies only to hand out mass firings to make those companies profitable again. He is one who doesn't understand the struggles and fears of the "lower classes." The narrative includes infamous classics such as: "I like firing people," "Corporations are people," "Let Detroit go bankrupt" and challenging Governor Rick Perry to a whopping "$10,000" bet. I'd venture to guess that most people would never be able to make such a substantial bet. These are all comments made at a time when money is scarce for a very large segment of American society.

They beg the question, "How can Mitt Romney lead the poor and weakened middle-class back to prosperity when he doesn't even understand them?" At the very least, his comments betray a dismissal of poor voters. Why would a poor person vote for a candidate like Romney who essentially dismisses their importance in a presidential election?!! I don't think he realizes just how many people have slipped from the middle class into the very poor during this Great Recession. If he did, he wouldn't speak so dismissively about them. By the way, even though they get help from social programs, many of them still work!! They are the "working poor." They have jobs but can't get good enough ones to give them insurance and adequate pay to feed their families.

A person can over-look one or two "out of touch with the masses" statements during a presidential race but when the list goes on and on it becomes clear that a pattern is being established. Add in a set of policies that favors the wealthy and the information that he only pays 15% in taxes and you have a candidate who looks less like a "leader of the people" and more like the millionaire guy from the board game, "Monopoly!!" I still think the best description of Mitt Romney is that he looks less like the guy who's going to hire you and more like the guy who last fired you!!

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