Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney: The Bitter Politics of Envy

During Mitt Romney's speech last night in New Hampshire, he addressed the controversy surrounding his time at Bain Capital. The job where he bought distressed companies, fired many workers to cut costs and later sold the companies as a profit. He calls it "venture capitalism" but I'd call it "vulture capitalism!!" Romney's response to the criticism that he is better creating unemployment than jobs was to say people are just envious!!

His specific words were his critics were engaged in the "bitter politics of envy!!" Again, Romney shows just how out of touch he is with the lives of average Americans. We're not bitter that he's ultra-wealthy, we're bothered that he made his millions by firing countless people at company after company!! Only a greedy, heartless, bastard like Romney would say people are criticizing his cold and cruel business strategy because we are "envious" of his money!!

That's like saying people despise drug dealers because of their money!! No, we despise drug dealers because they ruin peoples' lives, just like Romney ruined the lives of countless people laid-off at the businesses he bought. He didn't fire people because they all were bad employees. What would the chances be that they were all bad employees? Little to no chance. He fired people because it made him money!! And that makes him part the problem, not part of the solution to unemployment. Should he win the presidency, he can't be trusted to focus on the interests of the average American, instead of the the interests of his fellow greedy bastards. Given the dozens of flip-flops he's done on core beliefs, he's about as slippery and shifty as a salamander!!

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