Thursday, December 29, 2011

If Obama were to face former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in November 2012, 68 percent of Hispanics polled would cast ballots for the Democratic incumbent, according to the survey carried out by the Pew Hispanic Center. Romney would earn just 23 percent of the vote in a head-to-head contest with Obama, the poll showed. If Obama were to face Texas Governor Rick Perry, another Republican hopeful, the split would be 69-23. 

TPJ: That's what happens when you demonize all Latinos as "illegal" and/or less American because they speak Spanish as well as English. In the rest of the world, being able to speak two languages is a good thing, but diversity is a bad thing to many Republicans.Of course, not all Republicans do this or feel that way toward Latinos, but apparently enough do to drive Latinos into the Democratic party in droves. Democrats are usually more toward "non-whites" because we understand that America isn't just for one ethnicity. America is stronger for the influence of varied cultures. We benefit from the best ideas, traditions and people that the world has to offer. 

 As a Democrat, I believe that everyone, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or language deserves the same rights and respect as any other American. I am proud of our Latino brothers and sisters. They usually come from strong families who have good values, and are extra hard workers. In my opinion, that is everything America holds dear!! Therefore, I think Latinos are in keeping with America's traditions more than those who are biased toward them, who often tend to be Republican. Bigotry, non-inclusiveness and disrespect are not American values. 

In the end, It's just no secret the Republican party isn't very welcoming toward Latinos. But, an America that is hostile toward immigrants is foreign to the traditional idea of America being "The Land of Immigrants." As a Democrat, I believe in immigration and that it makes us stronger, not weaker. Welcome Latinos!! 

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