Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How We Fix Our Political Process.

It should be evident to anyone not blindly entrenched in the Democratic and Republican parties that our political system has miserably failed us. Decade after decade we vote for new politicians who promise to change Washington D.C. Yet, eventually, most succumb to the corrupt practices of selling their influence to the highest bidder to fund their re-election campaigns. This short clip sums up the problem fairly well. It is from the anti-corruption group, "Fix Congress First":
This corruption has shut-out the voices of the people to influence the political process; in favor of the deep pockets of the moneyed interests such as: multinational oil and gas companies, Wall Street, mega-banks, health insurance conglomerates, telecommunication giants, military contractors and the pharmaceutical industry to name but a few. These corporations dump billions of dollars each year into political elections to influence who is elected. They hedge their bets, too, by donating to both parties. Therefore, which ever candidate wins, they can have greater success demanding friendly policies from that winner toward their business.

For example, the Wall Street crash of 2008 was in part due to the removal of regulations that helped prevent riskier investment practices. Amazingly, some of these regulations were put in place after the disastrous Great Depression to help prevent a future cataclysm. So, it shouldn't come as a shock to you that many of the politicians who removed those regulations had close ties with Wall Street. Sadly, the Wall Street crimes are but the most visible example of the rampant corruption of our political process. Often, the fingerprints of corporate influence on our politicians can be found every time there is an oil spill, a mine collapse or a reduction in healthcare.

The solution isn't one party over another, because they are two heads of the same dragon. Both parties are enslaved to their respective, big-money, benefactors and will continue to subjugate the average American to under-representation until we cut off the cash. I propose that we fund elections through public funds, so that money is no longer an advantage to either side. I believe this would free up politicians to work solely for the American citizens who pay their salaries with their taxes. That way they are responsible to we the people, and we the people alone. I think we'd see a greater effort to solve problems instead of doubling down on unreasonable positions out of a fear of losing election funding from the big donors. We can't afford to let the two parties pit us against each other anymore.

This doesn't mean we have to all hold hands and agree on everything but we can't have a reasonable debate on the issues before us, if we aren't all on a level playing field. Especially after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of unlimited corporate donations to elections. It's not a true democracy when corporations and other special interests have their thumb on the scaled tilting it to their advantage. Now is not the time for party loyalty; not when those parties are using us as pawns to throw up a mirage of legitimacy to hide and absolve them of their corrupt dealings. Please, if you truly want the best for America, don't donate to the Democratic or Republican parties.

Donate to non-partisan groups seeking to end moneyed influence in our beloved, democracy. One of those organizations that I have used and trust, is "Fix Congress First." To donate to their cause of ending corruption in politics, click on this sentence. Then spread the word and join the others at Rootstrikers. They are a grass roots network who's motto comes from a powerful quote by Henry David Thoreau, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” The branches of evil (corruption) are the two parties, so the roots of those toxic trees are where we must strike--and that means removing the money.

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Pat said...

Once again, founders lead the way with their wisdom of wrapping oneself in the flag to attack, discredit, and devastate the Constitution - and few could say they haven't done a good job at that.

Who is to blame doesn't really matter after all once the loyalty is gone.

2012 election will only affirm the damage that's already been done by either party and this faulty Congress. Since companies are loyal to no one except their profit motive, they are not people, and in fact, have no citizenship at all though they may register as state resident/nonresident to do business.