Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Republican Leader's Reaction to Job Loses: "So Be It."

Republican leader Boehner said, "so be it" to federal workers losing jobs. Hey, Boehner, we can make you lose your FEDERAL job too if you continue being an ass about budget cuts and job lay-offs. How about cutting your high-salaries first? And then cut their cushy FEDERAL government health-care services; which by the way should be rejected by all Republican politicians, if FEDERALLY administered health-care services are so bad--as they claim. So, in other words, they think they deserve such a beneficial program but won't extend it to the rest of us--that's called cronyism.

These federal employees are average people with families who have children to feed and bills to pay. They aren't making fortunes like the hedge-fund multi-billionaires who are treated like saints in this country. The uber-rich are off-limits when it comes to taxing to help make up the budget shortfalls; as if by some commandment put-forth by "God" from on-high. No, rather than ask the billionaires to sacrifice, the Republicans want to chop jobs from the peons first. Republicans, have a heart, to at least be less of a cold-hearted jerk about cutting peoples' jobs.

For all the talk the Republicans put forth in the 2010 elections about increasing jobs, they are going at it in an odd way, to say the least. They are cutting jobs when we should be growing jobs. This while Republicans are talking about everything BUT jobs: abortion, health care repeal and debt. WHERE ARE THE JOBS??? I told you that they aren't serious about helping the average folks. No, instead they cut the peons jobs in the federal government. What kind of jobs plan is that?!! And now, they're coming for your social security and Medicare; and you know what? They'll get it all if we let them lull us into thinking we can do without it.

Saying "so be it" is a cruel thing to say after kicking long-time employees out the door like so much garbage. It's a phrase that a king from the 17th century would would use in relation to his subjects. It's like the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette (which she never said) of, "Let them eat cake" when confronted with the question, "What will the people eat now that bread is too expensive?"

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Jolly Roger said...

"Junket John" Boehner has no worries. He knows the knuckle-draggers of his District will always vote for him, no matter what he does.