Thursday, February 17, 2011

Middle-Eastern Wave of Revolutions Crashes Onward: Bahrain and Iran.

The Middle-Eastern island state of Bahrain is seeing a third day of protests aimed at seeking greater freedoms. A police crackdown saw several people killed, which has galvanized protesters to push forward with their demands.
The truly amazing thing is that this is unfolding in a Persian Gulf country that has been relatively stable in the recent past but the Great Middle-Eastern Wave of Freedom is touching the shores of all dictators in the region.

It is also important to note that the U.S. Navy's 5th fleet is stationed in Bahrain, which places us in a bit of an awkward position. So far, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for restraint after the brutal police and military crackdown in the island country. However, it will soon become apparent that we need to call for greater reform measures in Bahrain.

We simply MUST come down on the side of the protesters if the symbolism of the 5th fleet is to mean anything. Traditionally, the American military has been a sign of freedom. So, to let them sit in these ports without a stronger cry for reforms by our government make us look like we say one thing and mean another. It also means losing any respect we have amongst the people as a partner to be trusted to stand for freedom.

As far as Iran is concerned, events seem less likely to topple the regime due to the size of the police and secret police. However, there is some talk about a March 21st rally in the streets to coincide with Iran's New Year celebrations. Iran seems ripe for change as it too has a massive young population. It too is impoverished and ruled by a dictator's iron fist. As in Egypt, Iranians are use to things like Facebook and Twitter; as well as other freedoms of life in the West. So, they yearn for such freedoms.

They seek change and nearly toppled the theocratic dictatorship a year or so again in the first wave of the Green Revolution. So, the infrastructure of the opposition is already present. It would be a massive giant to fall if Iran was toppled by it's people. It would send shock-waves throughout the world but especially here in the United States. It would be a complete game changer in that traditionally volatile, unstable and rogue region of the world. If Iran falls, it might just finally lead to a break-through between Israel and Palestine. Wow, what an exiting time to be alive and to be a historian, like myself!!

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Maybe a better thing would be to have our ships leave and inform the oppressive governments they're on their own.

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