Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Wisconsin United the Democrats.

Coming out of the bruising health care battle, and the disappointing mid-term elections, Democrats were a bit demoralized and starting to bicker amongst themselves; some even questioned President Obama. But, then, one cold February day in the sleepy state of Wisconsin came a governor with an agenda to crush the public employee unions. The same middle-class that has been stretched beyond the breaking-point for decades, as one Republican president after another sold-out the American worker to India and China with "hyper-outsourcing" and Faustian trade deals like NAFTA--thanks, also, to Bill Clinton who bought into the con. War had been declared on the middle-class.

Then Wall Street crashed, thanks in large part to Republicans like Phil Gramm stripping regulations on the banks in the 90s. Banks made unsound loans and then packaged them up to investors but the bubble could only last for, so long. Meanwhile, the average American, who had been working twice as hard, at several jobs, (since American politicians sold off our good paying jobs overseas), was unaware of the collapse that was about to take them down with it. After the dust settled, whole corporations had to be liquidated and a cascade of lay-offs rippled coldly across this great country.

This governor, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, had allowed a huge tax cut for the rich to stay in place but decided to make up the short-fall it created by forcing the public employee unions (teachers, fire fighters, cops and EMTs) to pay more--which they eventually agreed to. However, that wasn't enough for this arrogant governor, hoping to make a name for himself by being the "Union Slayer" for his greedy friends and benefactors, such as the Koch brothers.

Back against the wall, the working class, and demoralized Democratic Party roared up on it's back legs and began pushing back. Angry teachers and fire fighters engulfed and inundated the capital building and spilled out onto the streets--all protesting the over-reach of power, by Governor Walker. Day after day these public employees stood firm and a handful of Democratic state senators left the state to protest this union killing bill. Soon, the entire country was watching Wisconsin, and Democrats across the nation stood together in solidarity with the Wisconsin protests. It would come to galvanize Democrats and Liberals together to form a solidly united party. As time passed, poll after poll show 2 to 1 support in the state of Wisconsin and across the country for the protesters. This struck a nerve in all working people and Independents soon joined the cause.

This governor with his over-developed sense of importance; who is out to make a name for himself in national politics walked straight into the lions den. The working people can't take, and won't take anymore attacks on our livelihood. Enough!! The Republican wave of over-reaching power after the 2010 election has reached it's high-water mark in Wisconsin and is starting to roll back. By nearly every measure, this attack on working families in Wisconsin hasn't just united the Democrats and Liberals; it's united America, and is a clarion call that the time is now to beat back the corporate machine that is choking out the life-blood of average workers.

I'll close with a quote from Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, who said the following in regards to the Walker-induced nightmare in Wisconsin:
If you are a successful CEO of a company or of a state, the most important thing you can do is to build morale of the people who work for you," said Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-Mont.), citing his experience bargaining with Montana's public-employee unions, which agreed to forgo a salary increase two and a half years ago to avoid layoffs. "It is the people that work for you that make you successful, and when you do that to morale, you are cutting your own throat."
Governor Walker should stick his head out of his fox-hole and realize that his poll numbers are tanking and he'll be lucky if he isn't voted out in a referendum.

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Jen Daisybee said...

Great summary of what has happened to the working class in this country in recent history. I am so proud of the people of Wisconsin, and I stand with them, here in Florida, in solidarity, along with so many other people across this country.