Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Great Mid-East Wave of Freedom.

We are truly witnessing, a once in a century upheaval on the geo-political map with all these revolutions popping off in the Middle-East. The year isn't but two months old and already we have seen two long-time dictators fall in Tunisia and Egypt. It has spread like a great wave to protests in Algeria, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Bahrain and Libya. In these same countries, concessions have been announced simply at the sight of the on-coming tsunami of revolution.

As a historian, I am absolutely thrilled to be living through this period of time. These are events that shake an entire world and alter the entire make-up of humanity. I think the sheer numbers of these protests demands a name to easily refer to the chain-reaction of events. So, I'm throwing some ideas out; let me know, which one(s) you like most. Or, other names you think are better:

-"The Great Mid-Eastern Wave of Freedom"
-"The Social Media Revolutions of 2011"
-The 2011 Wave of Freedom

I think, in the end, that I like the first one, "The Great Mid-Eastern Wave of Freedom"

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