Thursday, February 03, 2011

Glenn Beck Fans Flames of Fear--Again.

As the whole world stands riveted by the pro-democracy protesters in Egypt, provocateur, Glenn Beck is taking this opportunity to advance another one of his paranoid, delusional conspiracy theories. All of them, by the way, seem to be merging into one giant super conspiracy that is heavily influenced by this obsession that many Christians have about "the end of the world."

Beck seems to be doing all he can to bring it about. It's as if they can't wait for Jesus to come back, so they are going to speed it up by creating a world where all the signs occur: destructive environment (check--ignoring global warming), world-wide disasters (check--they've been happening since the dawn of this planet who cares when you're a narrow-minded revelations fantatic?!!), wars and rumors of wars (check--they even started one themselves with Iraq). Chaos in Israel (check--they support Israel no-matter-what; even if it means risking war because of it. Hey, war in Israel is one of the last signs, anyway, so bring it on!!).

But, they better be right, because if Jesus doesn't come back, the aftermath in the world will be so catastrophic, thanks to their their Messianic complex, that it will be hard to pick up the pieces, and return to some semblance of normalcy. But I digress. As Egypt shakes with the cries of freedom, Beck is claiming that this revolution isn't inspired by democracy seeking youth, at all. In his unmedicated mind the wave of democracy that started in Tunisia is somehow, instead, inspired at it's heart by Islamic radicalism!! Of course!! The bogey-monster of the conservative, American political fringe resurfaces again!! How convenient, just in time for a ratings boost, eh, Beckenstein? apocalypse

What's the goal, you say? According to Nostradamus Beck, it's a secret ploy from a conspiracy that includes the American liberals, President Obama and the Islamic radicals to take over the world!! He believes that this "cabal" wants a world-wide caliphate that would include Britain and France!! Seriously!! It's SO illogical, to think, that American liberals would want to work with a CONSERVATIVE group that is rabidly religious in nature!! Liberals aren't very big into religion and if they are, it certainly isn't to the degree where they'd put up with Islamic radicals!! But, then again all paranoid conspiracy theories are illogical.

The really sad part of this is that for once, we have a movement in the Middle-East that is secular and pro-democratic, and instead of embracing it, conservative wackos like Glenn Beck question and attack their "true motives." The average people of the Middle-East, and moderate Muslims everywhere can't win with many American conservatives. Beck, and his ilk, have them all pegged as terrorists or potential terrorists, and they are making things worse with such blatant bigotry. The sadly ironic part is that it's people like BECK who are the REAL zealots in this situation--not the young people in Egypt clambering for democracy, for heavens sake!!

We should be HELPING them, not questioning their motives. I thought we wanted democracy in the Middle-East?!! That's what we were told by the conservatives when they were defending the unjustified occupation of Iraq; but now they've given up on democracy in the Middle-East unless it comes from the barrel of an American gun? Because you can't trust anyone else to get it done expect the American military?!! (Shakes head). As I said, it's this really scary and dangerous mix of anti-Islamic sentiments, Christian zealotry, end-times theology and American nationalism. Beck and his cohorts are playing with fire and unfortunately they aren't usually the ones who are burned by their reckless actions.

The good thing is that a lot of people are flocking away from Beck's paranoid rantings, but if you still listen or watch Beck, why??? You have, so many other conservative thinkers to listen to that are (at the very least), more rational than this nut-bag, Beck. I'm not saying you should necessarily listen or read liberal commentators but pick a real journalist or two--not this conspiratorial zealot who seems hell-bent on stirring up the "end of the world." All people of every political stripe should be against that kind of destructive language.

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I wonder why Jesus would want to come back to this mess.