Monday, December 06, 2010

Republicans Want Tax Cuts for the Rich. American's Don't.

The Republican Party has obstructed every move President Obama has tried to make to alleviate the painful Great Recession. They have even blocked measures that they have supported in the past (START Treaty for one) simply in a cynical move to block Obama at every turn. The problem is that in blocking Obama, they are also blocking the speed of the economic recovery. Now they claim a mandate from the masses to cut taxes for those "poor and oppressed" super-wealthy robber barons. Going so far as to vote against tax cuts for the middle-class; if they don't come with tax cuts for the uber-rich as well.

The only problem? There is no mandate from the masses to anything of the sort!! An average of recent polls from CBS/GALLUP/CNN and AP found that nearly half of America (49%) wants just tax cuts for the middle-class and only 33% want all tax cuts extended. That's a large difference in opinion. And 14% want all tax cuts to expire. The fact that Gallup is involved in this poll gives it major credibility as it is one of the premiere polling agencies respected by both parties. So, the Republicans are just playing games--with our money no less. How they can claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility while asking for deficit increasing tax cuts to the already rich is mind-boggling--at the very least. At worst it's down-right infuriating and insulting.

Now we hear that Obama is going to compromise (yet again) with the same Republicans who insinuate that compromise means going along with what they want. Obama will get an extension of benefits for the unemployed; those worst hit in the economy. That's basically bribery. So, the only way we can help the unemployed is if we give more money to those who don't need it??? Doesn't sound like a compromise at all. It sounds like hostage negotiations. Obama has compromised his ideals away; along with the bedrock ideals of the Democratic Party. So, there is plenty of blame to go toward him as well. If he reaches any further in their direction (the Republicans) than I think is arm is honestly going to rip out of his shoulder socket!! The "compromise" on tax cuts will be that we extend all the tax cuts, which is basically giving in to the Republicans position!!

He has yet to really stand up for his base on the left and throw us a bone. He tried health care and that was a mixed-bag; at best. It baffles me how the Republicans believe he's a "socialist" when the left is hopping mad at him for being too much of a moderate. This "compromise" is more of a capitulation, which we're getting use to seeing from Obama. I'm not a Democrat and haven't really been one for about a year or so now. I'm a supporter of the Green Party who often votes Democrat. And, while I will stand up for Obama when he deserves that respect; I will not support his constant folding in favor of the Republican demands. He's a weak negotiator and too quick to delegate responsibility. It's time he put the brass knuckles on for once and take on the GOP but if he hasn't done it by now then I doubt it'll happen in his presidency.

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