Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Obama: Democrats "Sanctimonious" for Opposing Bush Tax Cuts?

Sanctimonious for asking Obama to stick to his campaign promise on the Bush tax cuts? Why can't he hurl that kind of fire and anger at Republicans? I guess it's true that you hurt the ones you love the most? I don't understand this man anymore. I feel like a fool for daring to have the "audacity" to believe he could give hope that things would change with him. He said that if we Liberals got our way there would be no "victories for the American people." No victories for the American people? That's assuming the compromise that he's hammered out (without having done much to get the base's opinion on the matter) is a "victory for the American people!!"

And what's with allowing the estate tax of all things to be added to this "deal?!!" Come on!! As if tax cuts for the rich isn't enough? Now we have to throw in a break on taxes when they die and some ne'er do well kid inherits it for doing jack-crap except being that guys son??? No, that's not going to fly Mr. President. The estate tax only affects the upper-upper-class. A very small percentage. Yet, adding it to this package will cost an extra $100 BILLION!! So, not only are you going back on your promise to end the Bush tax cuts but you're letting them add a $100 BILLION cherry on top?!!! No-way.

I think it's helpful to take a step back from the trenches between the Liberals and the president on this tax cut deal to look at how the Republicans and Conservatives are viewing this debate. By and large, they are either avoiding a discussion over it or congratulating the president and taking his side on the debate!! Of COURSE they are!! Does Obama find it at all strange that the Republicans who opposed him on EVERYTHING for the past two years are now sticking up for him after this deal? It's interesting that he can come to terms with the radical right easier than he can with his own damn party!! And yet, we're the ones who have let him down?!! BULL-SHIT.

President Obama, this isn't just about tax cuts for the rich. It's about how you watered down health-care bill in fear of Republicans. It's interesting that you can stand up to your base but not your opposition!! Are you experiencing Stockholm Syndrome? I'm serious. You are governing like such a different person than when you campaigned. I understand that governing is different than running for office but you really seem to have abandoned the hope and change for "Eh, get the best deal that you can." Where's the fire in the belly that you had when you introduced yourself to us during the 2004 campaign? Speaking of audacity of hope; did we have the audacity to believe your spiel about change as being possible? It's just hard to accept pragmatism and the standard "compromising" in D.C. from the likes of you, sir.

So, you see; it's a bunch of issue all built up into one big frustration. You said we'd leave Iraq and we haven't -- o.k., sort of but that's my point. You gave us hope that you would be an entirely new type of politician that kept their word to the letter. Instead we keep getting this half and half crap. You half pull out of Iraq, you partly give us a health-care plan and you sort of stood up to oppose "don't ask, don't tell." As for the Latinos and your immigration promises; no wonder they're a bit frustrated too. I think we'd feel better if you were using the bully pulpit more to advocate these ideas even if there isn't much traction in Congress. Take your case to the American people; day in, day out. We need to hear you be our leader. Instead, we barely see or hear from you anymore unless it's for bad news. Can't you understand that frustration?

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Todd Klimson said...

Democrats got exactly what they voted for. Obama never lied his entire life has been filled with socialist rhetoric, failures, and waffling.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

@Todd...socialist??? Are you kidding??? I'd be happy if he was simply a Democrat. Just because I disagree with him on this doesn't mean I'm embracing the anti-Obama rhetoric.

Nor am I embracing the right-wing's non-sense. Your side is just as screwed up and you know it.