Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama Reverses Campaign Message. Will Allow Offshore Drilling.

Feel that sharp pain in your back? It's a big knife driven into the collective backs of liberals, Democrats and environmentalists of all political persuasions. And it's not dripping blood but black, toxic oil. That's because despite campaign promises to the contrary, President Obama is now announcing that he will allow for oil drilling offshore from the pristine Florida beaches as well as others along the East coast. And additional drilling off the coast of Alaska--America's last wild frontier.

Et Tu, Barack? If you don't think this is a big deal then travel to the gulf coast off Louisiana and see the eye sores that are the line of oil pipes and rigs doting the coast line. Would you want to go to the beach in Florida to see the ocean only to have it scarred by oil platforms? And that's not even taking into account the oil spills that are likely to come with time that wreck havoc on the fishing industry and the ecology of marine life. Opening up these new regions to drill for oil is like handing a needle to a heroin addict.

We are addicted to oil and it will continue to cause wars, destroy the environment, pollute the atmosphere, which in turns damages our health. We need to go into rehab and get clean. The technology for a green energy plan is there but the political will is another story. The oil and natural gas lobby has oceans of money and have infested t.v. advertising with propaganda that oil and natural gas is essential to our modern way of life. This is a bald face lie, however but with their slick "family friendly" commercials I can see why people buy into this notion that oil companies are our friends.

I am seriously disappointed with the president on this one. It appears that he's doing this to try and get support from Republicans but they aren't slapping him on the back. They are still criticizing him regardless saying it doesn't go far enough. I expected the president to make monumental changes on green energy to get us off oil. I agree that oil will most likely be needed in a small amount for our military but other than that we should be moving toward weening us off oil--not doubling down. But I think the best defense against what Obama has just done is from---Obama himself!!

PHOTO CREDIT: Port Fourchon, Louisiana. Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images

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libhom said...

Obama is doing the same thing on this issue that he has done on the weatlhcare bill, the Iraq War, Gitmo, warrantless wiretapping, and so many other issues.