Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Senate Health Care Bill Will Reduce Deficit.

Big news. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released the cost of the Senate bill and it came under the projected budget at $849 billion. It will reduce the deficit according to the CBO by $127 BILLION over ten years. That is very important because several of these moderate Democrats have been saying they can't vote for it if it adds to the deficit. It would cover 94% of the uninsured and provide a public option that state could opt out of it like want.

So I'm not as discouraged as I was after hearing the House bill. After hearing the House bill I was disheartened and as I'm sure you noticed had stopped blogging about health care in general but now I'm back on board the train and stoking the fire with emails to all the hold-out Senators. They need to know that this bill AT LEAST deserves to be debated on the floor and then voted upon. Some of these Senators like Mary Landrieu and Joe Lieberman don't seem to want it to even be debated and voted upon on the Senate floor!! How is that democratic??? Urge them to at least vote to bring it to the Senate floor. If, however, it doesn't have a public option then I'm not for the bill.

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TRUTH 101 said...

We got it to the floor HBW. I'm pretty sure it will pass because Congress loves it's pork. This bill should get enough added to it that a few R's will go ahead and vote for it. They probably want to anyway but they are politicians. A bribe is always in order.

TRUTH 101 said...

On a side note HBW: you're a way better blogger than I am. I wish you had the time or inclination to get around more.

Bena said...

I think this is the most unique and funny bill by Obama. What an unbelievable joke "Senate Health Care Bill" is!
Anyway, Thanks for your nice blogging.
Best of luck to you.