Thursday, November 05, 2009

FOX News Talks Legalization of Marijuana? Things Really Must be Changing.

James: If judges, lawyers, police, prosecutors, DEA agents, FBI agents and prison wardens are all speaking out against the War on Drugs and in particular the War on Pot then who can still be for it??? It's ridiculous that you can drive a 2 ton truck at 75 miles an hour down the road, laden with gallons upon gallons of highly flammable gasoline that can kill multiple people if there's an accident. And yet, you still can't smoke a joint in the privacy or your own home that affects no one??? WTF.

And spare me the "morals" or "religious" argument because being against legalizing pot for "religious reasons" is no reason at all. Because we live in a free society. I'm a vegetarian but I wouldn't push to make eating meat illegal--even it if I considered it murder. We don't tell beer drinkers that they can't drink just because some religion/religious person disagrees with drinking do we? Of course not because we tried prohibition of alcohol and it failed nearly as miserably as the prohibition of pot has.

Why keep throwing money down a black hole of failure when we could be taxing it and helping the economy? As well as being able to free up our prisons for real criminals like rapists and child molesters who hardly get any jail time because the penitentiaries are over-crowed with non-violent drug offenders. You may not smoke pot, you make not like pot, you may not like people who do smoke pot or you may not approve of pot in general. However, you shouldn't be able to tell someone else that they can't smoke it or vape it in the privacy of their own home. At least you shouldn't be able to in a country that claims to be the, "Home of the Free."

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Robert Rouse said...

If even Fox news is pushing this agenda, then what the fuck is taking so long?

libhom said...

I am so sick of the War on Some Drugs.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


Cowardly politicians and uninformed "do gooders."


You and me both man. It's a total waste of money, which unfortunately America has become good at. Only America would waste money trying to fight a weed instead of MAKING money FROM it.