Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Majority is Worthless if You Don't Do Something with It.

I'm not one of these people who is party over principle as my regulars will attest to and that's why I'm getting frustrated with the Democrats. However, Harry Reid seems to be finally getting it about the public option now that he's pushing the opt-out version, which I like. It's better than no public option at all. Having at least some states using it will hopefully urge others to adopt it once they see the efficacy. What I want to address though are the Democrats who are willing to kick health care reform down the road another decade for the sake of keeping "the majority."

Ah, yes the ever intoxicating "majority." Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having a Democratic majority but if they don't do anything on the public option; do you really think they'll budge on climate change or any of the other issues important to us? Health care reform is one of the pieces of the bed-rock of liberalism in America and for me it's the public option or nothing. We have already compromised from the single-payer system or "medicare for all." So why should we settle for half-measures? Especially if there's a mandate to have insurance without a public option, which is going backwards. That would be a give away to the insurance industry and a clear sign that much of the Democratic party is hopelessly corrupt.

What is the point of having a majority if you don't use it? Of course they can round up 60 votes if they wanted to!! Democrats need to learn to play a little hardball like the Republicans do with their members. They whip then in-line when big legislation is on their priority list. Look how Bush got things done. I'm not saying "be like Bush" except when twisting some ears of party members. Tell some of the Democrats who are beholden to the insurance companies to make a choice: Choose the people and vote for the public option or choose the insurance companies and lose your chairmanships. Oh and face opposition in a primary election. I'm not for doing this on every issue that comes up but monumental change in health care has been overdue for decades -- since Teddy Roosevelt!!! So I don't believe this bullshit about "We need more time!!" It's been 70 years already damn it!!!! No more stalling, no more "triggers" and no more excuses.

And if Harry Reid loses his backbone again by backing away from this opt-out version of the public option then he should lose his position as majority leader to Chuck Schumer. Schumer's got a spine made of cast iron. I'd rather pass legislation that will provide wider access to health care and thus save lives than hang onto a majority that doesn't do shit!! If it took us 7 decades to get back to the point of a universal health care option then I think its worth losing an election or two over it. The "majority" means NOTHING to people who are dying right now because they couldn't afford health care for preventative treatments. The "majority" means NOTHING to someone who can't afford to protect their family from sickness and death because they lost their job.

Enough bullshit!! I don't care what pushing public option means to your election chances. You should be more worried about your constituents than your re-election campaigns anyway!! Oh how quickly they forget who they serve. Hang on, strike that -- They know exactly who they serve, which is in reality not us at all but the special interests. I won't be strung along anymore with calls of, "Just trust us and give us a majority and we'll pass this and that." Nope. Time to lay your cards on the table and "nut up or shut up." As they say in the great flick, "Zombieland." Hmm, zombieland??? Sounds like Washington D.C.!!!!

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TRUTH 101 said...

You get a few of these Democrats that act like republicans cause they think that's what their constituents want HBW. Like Nelson and sometimes Evan Bayh of Indiana. I wish they would realize that maybe they were voted in because their state's voters were tired of republican bullshit on things like healthcare so they voted for a Democrat. Why would they vote for a D if they think's he's an R. Thereis an opponent with an R next to his name.

You're correct. These dudes need to grow some balls and act like Democrats.