Monday, October 05, 2009

Lindsey Graham Might be the Last Respectable Republican Left.

I don't always agree with Senator Lindsey Graham--especially the way he went after Sotomayor but he doesn't seem to be rapidly partisan. For the most part he seems to want to have honest debates with the left. He could be the last semi-respectable Republican left because many independents are watching this whole Tea-Bag Party, death panels, Obama birth-certificate and glee over America losing the 2016 Olympics nonsense with disgust. The Republican party right now is less party than mob and you can't work together to move the nation forward with a mob that only wants to tear down, divide people and sow dis-accord. I'm not too happy with the Democrats right now either (as my regular readers know) but the Republicans went into the gutter after the Obama election and kept right on going down into the sewer of political discourse.

As much as I appreciate your standing up to the thugs in your party Lindsey; I think it's a spit in the ocean. Your party overall seems to be heading over the cliff of party viability and respect. They seem to prefer following radical hate mongers than actual, respectable leaders with whom liberals can have an honest debate with. That said, I give him great credit for making this particular stand. It takes some serious courage to stand up to today's Republican party, which has eroded down to just the iron-fisted, hardcore, fringe. And it seems they'd just as soon see their party go over the cliff than stop slinging around racist and xenophobic rhetoric. The Party of No, it seems, has left you behind Senator Graham.

Unfortunately, anytime someone as independent as you stands up to one of the mob bosses on your side of the ideological perspective; they crush you and end up making you crawl back to them on your hands and knees. Please don't backpedal and kiss the papal ring of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh now that you've made me proud of a Republican. Our country's house is on fire and the right seems to be cheering for the fire.

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TRUTH 101 said...

While it's always refreshing to hear a republican stand up for civility, you are absolutly correct about it being spit in the ocean. The right will continue to pander to bigots, homophobes and idiots. I look forward to 2010 just to see if this crap still works.

BayouCane said...

I about fell over while watching Lindsey Graham on the O'Reilly Factor tonight. Graham was actually defending Obama and dissing blow hard Rush Limbaugh. I agree that it is very refreshing to see a conservative put country over politics.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Truth 101:

It'll be interested for sure. I'm interested too in how the economy will be by 2012. Hopefully the unemployment will improve as the market has.

Bayou Cane:

Yeah it was surprising for Graham to speak. I guess now after attack the sacred Rush that the Tea Party people are saying he's not "conservative enough" and are trying to purge him from the party.

They seem hell-bent on becoming an southern, extremist party.