Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Less Obambi and more Obama Please.

"There is a growing sense on Capitol Hill that the White House's refusal to weigh in more forcefully in the health care debate could come at the cost of a public option for insurance coverage. Democratic aides said that a "handful" of senators who are skeptical of a public plan likely could be persuaded if not to support it then at least to oppose a Republican filibuster, if the administration were to apply a bit more pressure -- or even guidance. "There is a clear sense that it would be helpful," said one senior Democratic aide."

"Throughout this entire debate the White House line has been 'We will weigh in when it is necessary'.... Well now we need 60 votes. So if it's not necessary now, then when will it be?" "I think folks in general in Congress were looking to the president to clearly define his feeling on the issue," another aide said. "And I don't think he has done that on the public option from the get-go... With a lot of senators nervous because of elections or other political dynamics, it would be helpful for the president to send a strong signal that this is what he wants in the final bill."

TPJ: I don't know what pissed me off more: Obama's lack of hands-on approach to the process, Senators who won't help the process unless Obama begs. Or that Senators are more worried about re-election than passing health care reform that includes a public option. Especially when now 57% of America WANTS a public option!!! President Obama has a frustrating habit of leaving decisions up to Congress, which is like letting guests on the Jerry Springer Show craft the legislation.

Yes, Congress is where the bill gets shaped but Obama should have been more forceful in letting people know where he stood from the beginning. Even at this late hour in the process he seems to be sitting back and acting somewhat ambivalent about the it all. I'm really getting annoyed with his aloofness and while delegating is very important it isn't what he should be doing all the time. It gives the impression that he's delegating because he is in over his head and/or doesn't really want to get involved in the details. He needs to learn how to use his position as president to push his legislation but it some ways it's hard to tell what he wants at all!!

On a personal level he's a really likable guy and I still support him for the most part but I'm losing patience faster each day. He seems out-of-place right now in his surroundings and it even seems to show on his face. He often has this look of bewilderment on his face where his eyes kind of glaze over for a moment as he looks for the right words to say. I hope I'm proven wrong and that he's going to come on stronger in this next three years but this first year so far as been a rough rookie season.

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