Friday, October 30, 2009

Email Senators Blanche Lincoln and Evan Bayh about Public Option.

The talking heads have said for awhile that conservative Democrats would face defeat by Independents and Republicans if they supported a public option but a new poll out in both states shows otherwise. This from the Research 2000 poll taken days ago:

LINCOLN JOB PERFORMANCE: Sen. Lincoln has 41% favorable, 49% unfavorable rating. (Independents: 38% favorable, 52% unfavorable.) 38% think Lincoln is in-touch, 47% out-of-touch (Independents: 39% in, 47% out). 35% say Lincoln is effective, 51% ineffective. (Independents: 35% ineffective, 50% ineffective.)

2010 GENERAL ELECTION: If Bayh joined Republicans in filibustering a public option, 35% of Independents would be less likely to vote for him, 13% more likely. (Nearly 3 to 1). Among Democrats, 51% to 7% (Over 7 to 1).

2010 PRIMARY: If Evan Bayh voted to filibuster a public option, 54% of Democratic voters would be less likely to vote for him in a primary. Only 6% would be more likely. (9 to 1)

TPJ: Please take a few minutes out of your day and email these two senators. I have taken the liberty to dig up the direct link to their contact pages to make it easier for you: Click here for Senator Evan Bayh. And then click here for Senator Blanche Lincoln.

I wrote out the following to them after quoting some of these stats. Feel free to copy and paste any of it:

That should be plenty of reason to support a public option bill. If you're worried about re-election for supporting it you might be reading this wrong. You could more likely it appears now be defeated if you DON'T support it.

Please listen to your citizens and vote yes on a public option.

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Robert Rouse said...

James, if I contact Evan Bayh about this bill anymore, I think I could legally be classified as a stalker!

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


I bet!! I was thinking of you when I read about Bayh today. Good on you for pestering him. ;)

libhom said...

Email sent.

Bayh always was arrogant pond scum.