Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Curious Case of Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, (TPJ: Seen left in picture) who got to keep his gavel and seniority in the Democratically-controlled Senate despite his support for Senator John McCain's Presidential bid and congenital inability to vote for Democratic legislative initiatives, is going rogue again.

he announced his plan to help the GOP filibuster the health care reform legislation because of Majority Leader Harry Reid's inclusion of an opt-out public option. Lieberman reportedly told Reid that he's siding with Republicans on this one, as though siding with Republicans is something unusual for Connecticut's "independent" Senator. Lieberman, whose willingness to send Americans off to war with little preparation other than a few good speeches remains legendary.

TPJ: He said that he's not even going to allow the public option come to a vote!! Be against it all you want but at least let a vote happen!! This is a man who was the vice-presidential candidate in 2000 with Al Gore. He also supported McCain over Obama in the last election. If Lieberman is going to threaten those of us for the public option this way then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should threaten him back to yank away his seniority and chairmanship. Reid told us that Lieberman was a reliable vote on everything but national security. Well, he not only burned us Harry -- He burned you too. Are you just going to sit there and take that abuse? If so you need to go too because this is unacceptable.

The other interesting thing is that apparently the state of Connecticut is run by insurance companies who use Joke Liberman as their puppet in the Senate. He might as well have Aetna (a mega health insurance corporation based in Connecticut) tattooed all over his nuts with a matching dog collar and leash around his neck. So help me Darwin, if the public option goes down because of his dickheadedness, corruption and shifty behavior I will do everything I can to see him unseated. The same goes for the other "Blue Cross and Shield Democrats" er, I mean Blue Dog Democrats.

I don't have a lot of money but I will donate a little each month to campaigns against them. I'm not a party "purist" that wants to purge all moderates but on this critical issue I will. Health care is one of the main reasons I'm a liberal. So on this issue, I will not let their betraying votes be the last word on the matter. They may kill the public option but we must stand up then and put our money where our beliefs are and take them down in primary elections. We allow Lieberman to keep his seniority despite being stabbed in the back during this last presidential election when he supported fellow crypt keeper John McCain. However, being bleeding heart liberals we gave him a second chance and not only did he stab us in the back AGAIN but he twisted it around inside us for good measure. If Ho (in case you don't know, "ho" is slang in America for "whore." It also conveniently rhymes with, "Joe.") Lieberman is part of the gang who blows the public option up then I hope Reid strips him of as much power as possible. How many times do we need to get stabbed in the back by Brutus Lieberman before we say, "ENOUGH!!"

My small donations against these "Blue balls" Democrats might not result in their defeat but if we all donate small amounts it will turn into an avalanche. Plus, it will just feel good to be able to do something about my anger, frustration and contempt for these people. Even if they don't go down to defeat in the next election, I will keep up the fight both in pushing for universal health care and in trying to defeat them each election season.


PLEASE send an email pressuring Joe Lieberman. This is what I said:

Joe!! Say it ain't so!! Why are you stabbing your former party in the back in not even allowing the public option come to a vote? That's what democracy is about anyway. Voting. We let you come back to your seniority and chairmanship despite campaigning against Obama. And this is how you pay us back? Please, PLEASE reconsider. People are sick and dying over this stalling and inaction. Do you really want that on your conscience? Think hard about this one. You might lose your seat in CT if you betray the Democrats yet again. Please reconsider Joe. I supported and voted for your ticket in 2000. Now I'm pleading with you to vote for me.

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(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Handsome B, you are a lot more polite than I would have been. If I were to write Lieberman, I would too tempted to launch into a profanity tirade. Here is my take: S.O.B..

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


Yeah I was just hoping that remaining somewhat civil would be more effective than cursing but who knows with this clown.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Great picture of two-faced Joe. He's probably my number one target to defeat right now.

libhom said...

That's the most flattering picture of Lieberbush I've ever seen.

libhom said...

Octopus: Love the two faced pic.