Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pan Am 103 Terrorist Release by Scotland is Shameful and Offensive.

(Above-left: Pan Am Flight 103 terrorist Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi)

Today I'm a bit ashamed to be of Scottish decent. As most of you know by now the only person convicted of the terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 was released from Scottish prison for "compassionate reasons." Apparently he has prostate cancer and only months to live and was released despite not having fulfilled his sentence. This is appalling and I can't imagine what the victims families are going through right now. Not only has this opened old wounds for them but it has made new wounds and poured buckets of salt into them. It's deeply offensive that non-violent drug offenders are still in prison no doubt today in Scotland while this monster walks free. It's a mockery of the rule of law.

Scotland doesn't have the death penalty and while I don't agree with the death penalty either I do believe in justice and life in prison without release is a very reasonable sentence for mass murderers. People die in prison all the time and they can deal with his final days compassionately without letting him free to return home to his loved ones and country as a hero. He could have been sent to a minimum security prison for those remaining days or allowed to stay in the prison hospital for those next three months.

Besides, given his high-profile roll such a release just underlines the terrorist argument that Westerners are too weak to hold them to justice. I'm not a war monger or "kill 'em all" type person. However, I'm not naive either. I heard that 160 people die every year in Scottish prisons and none of them were released for "compassionate reasons." In addition, since 2000 30 people have been released for "compassionate reasons" but 6 were denied--What did those six do that he rejected them and he let this infamous terrorist go? Something smells fishy--maybe there was some kind of gas contract up in Libya that the Scots or the Brits wanted in on? You never know these days what motivates politicians.

Letting such a high-profile terrorist free who was responsible for the death of 259 people is offensive and best. This wasn't your garden variety murderer--he was responsible for one of the biggest terrorist attacks before 9/11 and what offends me a lot is that the majority of the victims (180 out 270) were American and it doesn't sound like the U.S. government was even consulted on this release. Nor the I know that Scotland doesn't have to get an "o.k" from the U.S. when deciding their affairs but it a consultation would have been the polite and ethical thing to do. They least they could do for the American victims' families. I don't know how this man (and it was a lone official would make this decision) can sleep at night.

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Martin ( said...

You're bang on with your analysis. Mass murderers simply do not deserve compassion (least of all cold, calculated ones who have no known history of mental illness); and the Libyan oil situation is about as suspect as it could get. I blogged about this too and I'm glad so many people did - it's embarrassing and offensive to all Brits.