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Conservatives in Canada Wouldn't Try to Get Rid of Their Health Care System.

Sporadic examples of people unhappy with their health care plan in Canada doesn't depict the overall approval or disapproval of a system. You can always find some who aren't happy--in statistics they are called outliers. You might have a couple hundred people coming to America for elective/cosmetic surgery from say Canada, which might seem like a lot to a single doctor seeing many of them but compared to the overall population of Canada they are outliers. Overall I'd say most are indeed happy because why else would they keep their programs? The rest of the industrialized world has some form of universal health care and have for decades. It seems logical to me that they would have rid themselves of a so-called broken system years ago.

When people say that the health care system in Canada and in the rest of the industrialized world is allegedly horrible what they are really saying is one of two things about these people: 1). They keep their universal health care systems because they are too stupid to figure out how to vote to end it. Or 2). That they live in a dictatorship, which would prevent people from being able to exercise their right to vote. Yet I can't think of anyone with even a basic understanding of history and political science who wouldn't consider most of the industrialized world, which maintain these health care systems to be democracies.

Some people want you to believe that Canadians are flocking to America for health care, which we don't see in any statistically meaning amount. I know that there are some here and there but overall they seem happy with their program. If universal health care plans were such total and complete failures then there wouldn't just be sporadic examples of Canadians coming down to America. It would be a mass human migration, which would statistically be off the charts. We don't see that happening. And what about the Europeans? I don't know about you but I don't hear tales of mass influxes of "Medical Tourists" coming to America so that they can get triple bypass heart surgery. Again, I'm sure some do because of elective reasons but not in any major statistical amount.

Think about this: Conservatives in Canada support their universal health care system and support it so much that they have made it a part of the political platform. Nor would they try to re-privatize the system. That's how popular their system is.
Irrespective of what lurks deep in the hearts of Canadian Tories, all leading right-of-center politicians in Canada understand that their health care system is far too popular and well-loved to seriously propose replacing it with an American-style system in which whether or not you receive treatment for an illness is determined by the whims of a for-profit insurance company. Indeed, the Conservative Party of Canada lists as one of its founding principles the idea “that all Canadians should have reasonable access to quality health care regardless of their ability to pay.”
Other Health Care Related News: Representative Dennis Kucinich's amendment to allow states to go with a single-payer plan passed a House Committee, which is a very good thing as Canada's single-payer system started in the province of Saskatchewan (province is like a state). It worked so well that they adopted it later for all of Canada. So this is a way to keep the single-payer option alive while going with the public option for now. Then there is this from a Canadian citizen:

As a Canadian visiting Salt Lake City, I have been watching with great interest President Barack Obama's attempt at health care reform. I have heard comments by politicians, people and TV ads attacking Canada's health care system. Many of the facts are distorted.

Canada has one of the finest health care systems in the world. I have never had to go to the United States for medical treatment because Canada offers all of the same treatments. I get to choose who I want for my physician. When I go to him or the emergency room or have major surgery, I don't pay anything. And I get it done quickly. Canada's health care system is largely paid for by corporations, which pay an employer health tax. Everyone is covered, even homeless people.

A few years ago in a television poll, Canadians were asked to name the greatest Canadian. Tommy Douglas, the father of Canada's universal health care, won the vote. I have known many people, Canadians and Americans, who have lived in both countries. All of them state that Canada's health care system is superior.

Ken Sisler

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

-There is a lot of misinformation going on as well about abortion and the public option. Here's a good debunking of this myth.

Addendum: Have you called or emailed your Senators and Representative to demand a public option health care system yet today? I did--Keep up the pressure--We can't let off the gas peddle. One more thing, we have to stay on top of this thing day and night because the health insurance powers are overwhelming and they are trying to divert attention from ensuring that our health insurance will be there when we need and that it will be affordable. Right now we have neither--You may think it doesn't effect you but it does. If you lose your job you're family will not be insured but with the option to go with a public plan you would be able to know that losing your health care is one less thing not to have to worry about. Together we move forward.

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TAO said...

Your one assumption and one that is more romantic rather than realistic, is that you believe it is disinformation that keeps us from moving forward together.

The reality is that an element of our society does not want to move forward nor are they interested in bi partisanship...

Rather they want power and their only concern is their own self interests.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


I think you're right. It's so frustrating to be held back by people purposefully lying and deceiving the idiot masses.

Conservative means not changing (ever) it seems. Certainly not changing toward anything progressive for ALL of us. They are certainly for change for the elite, rich classes.

TAO said...

Sadly, conservatism today mean corporatism and elitism for the benefit of major corporations and the very wealthy....

Thats why we see all these protest groups, Tea bag parties, Swift boat Veterans, and now the healthcare debate disruptors and bloggers who do nothing but toe the company line....all that takes money and these 'grass roots' programs are very well funded.

Then they play on the fear of the electorate...

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


Yeah corporate funded "grass roots"--typical conservative bait and switch.

TRUTH 101 said...

This may be heartless, but maybe the only way we can get the deluded fools to give up their anti national health care views would be if many of them lost their own health insurance.

I was at a union meeting last night. Of course, my local has over 1,700 actively emploted members. may 20 show up for the monthly meeting. They are a microcosm of the views held by the members though. Half of these people are anti union, despite the wages and benefits they enjoy. Most of the shops in my local are experiencing layoofs and threats of layoffs. Yet this same group is opposed to national health care because a commercial told them it was socialism or something.

Jordan Alcock said...

You're wrong about Canadian Conservatives.. We desperately want a two-tier health system. There have been supreme court cases won against the Canada Health Act on the very matter, and for at least 30 % of the country, the matter is extremely important.

You misunderstand why it is a relative non-issue in this country to scrap our socialized medicine. It is not because we like it - it is because it has become so stigmatized and political that politicians are afraid to even touch the issue.

We can't even have a reasonable discussion.

I suppose all those anti-americans here in Canada will be happy when you take our system. enjoy. Maybe when Canadians see how utter a failure it is in your country they will admit it is a failure in ours too.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


You said, It is not because we like it - it is because it has become so stigmatized and political that politicians are afraid to even touch the issue.

Well then if it isn't a system that the majority of Canadians like then why isn't there a groundswell growing up to kick those politicians out of office? If there is no will to overturn it from the people then of course no politician wants to fight a losing battle.