Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Republican Sanford: God Wants Me to Stay in Office.

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In a written message to supporters Monday, Mark Sanford asserted that God’s plan for him includes finishing his term as South Carolina governor.

TPJ: Wait a goddamn minute here!! So "God" wants you to be faithful to your wife, not lie and otherwise adhere to Christian morality but when you break those laws and attempt to deceive your "God" you're rewarded by that very same "God???" Wow!! How'd you convince your "God" on that one??? Sacrifice your son Moses style? Yet when Liberals go against the very "values" Mr. Sanford just shattered into a million pieces it's a different story??? Don't forget what Sanford said about Bill Clinton during his sex scandal:

"The issue of lying is probably the biggest harm, if you will, to the system of Democratic government, representatives government, because it undermines trust. And if you undermine trust in our system, you undermine everything." -CNN February 1999.

TPJ: Oh but we know we can trust you Gov. when you say that "God" wants you to stay in office. Yeah we haven't had reason to mistrust you in the recent past Argentina Mark. Convenient Christianity raises it's quivering hands yet again to praise the virtues of "Do as I say--not as I do." Hallelujah!! Another Republican Pharisee is born. I guess there is an asterik at the end of the Ten Commandments that says (*Doesn't not apply to Republican politicians in what will become America). I must have missed that part the many times I've read the Bible cover to cover. As far as I know Christianity still says blasphemy (showing disrespect for God or something sacred) and profanation (the act of depriving something of its sacred nature) are sins.

Sanford continues: "Immediately after all this unfolded last week I had thought I would resign A long list of close friends have suggested otherwise – that for God to really work in my life (TPJ: notice how it's about his life and not about the people of South Carolina) I shouldn’t be getting off so lightly. While it would be personally easier to exit stage left, their point has been that my larger sin was the sin of pride. Sanford writes that those friends asserted that “if I walked in with a real spirit of humility then this last legislative term could well be our most productive one."

TPJ: "Our" most productive one??? Don't you mean YOUR most productive one because you want it as an attempt to salvage your image and legacy??? Oh and it just so happens that if he resigns he'll lose a steady, fat paycheck in a tough economy. So "God" says you should stay in office because you're the only one who can make the next term productive despite lacking the trustworthiness that you chastised Clinton for not having? Oh dear!! What would they do without your self-righteous, untrustworthy self?!!! What an insult to South Carolinians that he is saying they can't find anyone better than him to lead the state!!!

Remember Sanford saying this the day he admitted that he was down in exotic South America? "As I mentioned in last week's press conference, I've always believed God's laws were there to protect us from ourselves." TPJ: Hey Mark!! Who then is going to protect South Carolinians, Americans and Argentinian women from you!! SARCASM ALERT: Sure is a good think that we have Republicans around to tell us of "God's" plans.

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TRUTH 101 said...

Sanford prayed his entire puberty for a piece of ass HBW. To turn one down now would be a true act of blasphemy.

The local trolls have found me and they may invade your site too HBW. God luck my friend.