Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paramilitaries Conduct Terrifying Home Invasion in Tehran.

This is an agonizing video but it must be seen and especially heard to give voice to the voiceless so that the atrocities will echo around the world and all will know that the Ayatollah are slaughtering their own people.
These brave people and citizen journalists are getting their story out and the globe is uniting under their historic cause. Green is seen all over the internet in addition to people wearing green clothing in solidarity with the courageous and resolved revolutionaries. The second revolution is unfolding and the world is watching--all eyes are upon the every move of the regime.

Fellow Muslims in the region are witnessing Islam being used to excuse the slaughter and unlawful imprisonment of their Iranian brothers and sisters. I imagine that they are not looking too kindly upon the clerics in Iran at this moment and will not soon forget the tragedy unfolding in Iran. I think all around the globe--new generations of people are pushing back against theocratic oppression.

We are tired of the great religions of the world being used to seize power, control and dominate others. We are tired of having to shrink away from standing up for our own rights in the face of religious authority. People are waking up in the Middle-East especially to a reality that shows Islam and modernity can exist side by side. There is a growing desire for secular governments that allow for individual freedoms while also protecting religious organizations.

So may this video go viral and testify to the world that the human spirit and the will to live free and decide ones life for oneself. If I could convey one thing to the Iranian dictatorship it would be this quote from Abraham Lincoln:

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

I send my sympathy, support and admiration to Iranians from all over the world. May you achieve the freedom and change you deserve. I wish I could march with you and stand with you against that fraud regime. Stand strong, you are doing the right thing and the world supports you. You cause is just and your strength and courage is awe-inspiring and will carry you to liberation.

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TRUTH 101 said...

I am rooting for the fed up masses of the Mideast to rise up against the bastards that have hijacked Islam just as economic systems were hijacked by totaltarian bastards. It is up to them right now to overthrow the evil ayatollahs and their despicable mysogynist henchmen.

If their will is strong, the time will come when the sane men and women of Islam will come to us for help in ousting the pricks. Till then, I see no choice but to watch events unfold and hope the good people of the Mideast decide freedom is indeed worth fighting for.