Friday, June 26, 2009

My Michael Jackson Tribute.

So much has already been said about Michael Jackson the King of Pop and so instead of rehashing a lot of what has already been said I decided to post my favorite MJ videos/songs. I am still in shock that he died and so suddenly. I grew up on his music and we all knew him as larger than life and I guess I somehow thought he'd always be around. Yet in his videos and songs he will indeed always be around.

Jackson pretty much invented the modern music video that has characters, a story line and elaborate costume and set designs, which started of course with the unforgettable "Thriller" video. That album was the first album (I really liked the tiger on the inside cover) that I ever owned and I wore it down until it was so scratched that It barely played at all. Anyway, here are my favorite MJ songs in no particular order until final video:

Billy Jean: This isn't the official video but I think it's better as it shows off his mad dancing skills more:
Beat It:

Smooth Criminal:

Black or White: This song did more for race relations than people give it credit. It helped show kids that we have more in common than not. I think it aided in raising the youngest generations to be the most color blind of all the generations today:

The Man in the Mirror: This last video is my favorite and I think sums up Jackson's contribution and message to the world. May his music never die. I hope now that you have finally attained true peace.

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TAO said...

Yes, MJ defined a whole generation....