Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Convenient Capitalism vs. Health Care Reform.

I hate to say it but Obama is being too coy about the health care issue. He's already done his bipartisan duty. He did away with the option of a single payer plan. I was upset over that but I figured, well, not each party is going to get exactly what they want. Fine. So then comes the plan for the public option to compete with the private insurance corporate whores.

Sounds good but Republicans are basically saying even the compromise plan of the public option is a non-starter. So it does look like one party is going to get what they want--the REPUBLICAN PARTY, which not even a QUARTER of Americans want to be associated with!!! Something is seriously FUCKED UP when a party, which only 21% of Americans associate with is defeating the will of 72% of the American people who want universal health care!!!

And the Congressional Democrats--mostly the Senators are even worse. I can't believe that we can't even get all the Democrats to agree to at LEAST a public option!!! What is wrong with these "Democrats???" Why have a fucking election if when the Democrats win they OPPOSE their President on one of the the NUMBER ONE ISSUES plaguing Americans for FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can't stick your limp necks out for the health and well being of the American people then what good are you? Get with it or get out of the goddamn way.

I can't believe that these asshat Democrats can't even stand up to the lobbyists enough to give us a true health care option!! It's called competition!!! As for the Republicans--they sold out their morals a LONG time ago. Forget their talk of "Christians Values." That goes right out the window when they don't want to extend proper health care coverage to all Americans. They don't seem to care that their founder, Jesus Christ administered to the sick and he did it for free!!! Jesus was practiced Socialized medicine!!!! Option means choice, which (ironically) is the hallmark of capitalism!! So this Socialism argument saying it's a pure government take-over is a big, pile of fly infested bullshit. The Republicans always lecture us on the importance of competition for goods and services but now they aren't following their own advice!!

This from a capitalist website on competition: "Capitalist competition is the one of the most economically practical forms of social cooperation, where every producer competes to see who can best cooperate with each other, and with the consumer. Such is the nature of capitalist competition."

TPJ: Yet when the government wants to compete then all of a sudden competition is a bad thing? They don't want competition in this case because Capitalists have a monopoly and strangle hold on the medical insurance industry. They know full well what competition does--It lowers prices for the consumer, which means less money in their coffers. Thus, that means less money that these private insurance companies can give to these Republicans and unfortunately a growing number of Democrats. That means a big cash cow of donations to fund their campaigns to better enable they remain in office and thus maintain their grip on power in D.C. is decreased.

We know that competition between government and the private sector works and maintains a fairer playing field, which competition does for any industry. As I've said before on this blog--the U.S. postal service competes with FedEX and UPS. In addition, private schools compete with public universities and have for generations. The mixed economy competition is the best system to keep everyone doing business as fair as possible.

The Republicans claim that the public option would give government an unfair advantage in the medical insurance industry. Really? You mean like the unfair advantage the HMO's have enjoyed for decades in this country? So the unfair advantage argument really means that they're whining that having to lower their costs to compete fairly for once is the same thing as having an unfair advantage to compete against. The only advantage would be to the American people--the consumer. Besides, Capitalism isn't a system that cares too much about "fair trade."

"When any company uses its property in a way that does not benefit its competitors, it is not being anti-competitive." TPJ: The other thing is that this government option would probably be similar to Medicare, which uses private companies within it's system anyway!!! So it's not even a true "government" program!!

I tell you something, we have one party anymore in Washington and it's the Corporatist Party. I am really fired up on this issue if can't tell because 72 PERCENT of the AMERICAN PEOPLE want a public option when it comes to health care and 57% are willing to pay MORE for!!!! What more do these jackoffs in Washington need to hear if they aren't in bed with the lobbyists who are sucking the life out of America? As for cost, repeal the Bush tax cuts to the richest 2% of Americans, levy a carbon emission tax on the biggest polluters, increase cigarette and alcohol taxes, get out of Iraq, etc.

I don't get why Americans are so selfish when it comes to taxes. It's the economic side of patriotism. We live in a society, an organized country--not a bunch of fuedal clans and that requires paying extra sometimes and yes, even for things we may not personally use, or at least not yet. Everyone is against paying extra for a government health care option plan until they lose their job or lose their life savings. Other countries pay extra in taxes and enjoy greater benefits and quality of life through better health care coverage, free universities, clean public spaces with beautifully maintained parks and museums. As well as beautifully restored buildings that attract tourism and give a city a sense of pride and history. In America, if a building is older than 50 years we tear it down to make way for another strip mall in the pursuit of all American greed.

We are lucky to be born in America with its opportunities to make a lot of money. I see taxes as a fee paid back to the country that gave you those opportunities so that we can maintain and expand those opportunities for as many other Americans as possible. Many of these rich bastards who don't want to pay any more in taxes wouldn't have made that money if they were born into a country with much less opportunities--say anywhere in Africa. There are a lot of rich in this country who didn't even lift a finger to earn the money they have--it was inherited and yet they bitch about having to pay a little extra? Come on people.

I don't get either why many of these rich people call themselves "committed Christians" and are willing to paying tithing and make donations to the poor in their church but not for anyone outside the church in the form of higher taxes. So in order to benefit from your charity you have to be Christian and a member of your chuch? Shouldn't we be looking out for each other and helping each other along because without each other we all fail? Jesus said, "“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” This was an answer to a question whether Jews should pay taxes to Caesar eventhough they disagreed with his government. So even Jesus says you have to pay your taxes even when it goes to people you don't necessarily like or agree with. I just don't get it I guess.

There are SIX lobbyists for the HMO's and the Pharma companies to every member of Congress. How can the average American writing his little email to their Congress person compete with that kind of competition?!! Fifty-seven percent (a solid majority) are willing to pay higher taxes for it--that's four points HIGHER than Obama received in votes to win the election. And everyone said that his victory was a blow out!!! I just don't see what could be holding this up except lobbyists and corrupt members of Congress. I'm telling you right now that if Congress and Obama can't pass this public option reform then I'll consider this session of Congress and Obama's first term--a failure.

I'm not an Obama worshipper. I supported and voted for him and I think the guy is great and has amazing potential but he needs to bloody his knuckles a bit more and fight for something big, like health care. Don't just turn it over to Congress like he did and hope they figure it out. It's time sir to get more involved and push this issue using your bully pulpit. You should be talking about this every goddamn day. The economy is important to fix but like you keep saying we can't fix the economy properly until we fix health care as well.

He needs to crack some Democrat skull besides the obvious skull cracking of Republicans and whip them into line. I know getting Democrats to do anything as a group is like herding cats but some issues are too important to let fall apart. This is one of those Mr. President--Sir. If we miss this window and fail to pass health care reform then when and with whom? You are the most popular president in a long time and we need you right now to stand up for us like you said in the campaign.

I realize that you have a political career to think about as do you Congressional Democrats but you need to remember that your career isn't as important as the needs of the American people. I think passing landmark, historic health care is important enough to stake your presidency or Senator career upon. So what if you don't get a second term because of it? Think of the grand legacy you'd have if you helped pass a true reform to health care, which saved Americans money and lives!!!

It comes down to this--what is more important, your careers or the American people? I can't believe that we even have to pose this question and so help me if you fuck this up I'm going to write off the American system of governing for good. I already think we need a coalition government. And GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!!! That is the only way that we can put the average American voter on the same level as these ginormous lobbying groups. As of now, members of Congress are representing alright, representing the interests of their special interest lobbying groups who spread money around like air. Until we get money out of politics there we will continue to have minimal "representation" at all levels of government.

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Elli Davis said...

i am quite interested what will happen, so much talks about health care reform before the election and now...nothing (at least nothing reaches Canada)