Friday, June 12, 2009

Competition for Health Care.

(Click to enlarge picture at left). Well I think my dream of a single-payer health-care is officially dead but I still am pushing for some kind of public option because without one how much are we really reforming health care?

I find it maddening that the Conservatives are saying that providing a public option along side private plans to give people more choice is Socialism!! They say Socialism but they mean Communism--they don't know their history or political science. Anyway, Communism means NO choice not MORE choice, which is what the Obama plan means.

On a side note I'm tired of people throwing the socialism term around when they clearly know nothing about what it means. They think Socialism, Communism and Democratic-Socialism are all the same thing. The latter being the political system that most Europeans have, which is the best of Democracy and the best of Socialism.

In addition, the Conservatives are whining that providing a public option would be "unfair competition" for the private insurance firms. Oh piss off and go whine to your mother. I thought you people were all about the private marketplace and that competition was healthy?!! It's no different than how private universities compete against public universities. Or how UPS and FedEx compete against the U.S. Postal Service.

Oh and if the government option will "raise costs" in the long run as you claim then why are you worried about competing with that public option plan? Sounds like according to your rhetoric and numbers, (which you seem so sure of) you'd make money hand over fist against a public plan. These guys and gals are frauds--F-r-a-u-d-s- FRAUDS and they know it!!!! No wonder they are whining--there has been NO competition against them for decades but now that even a whiff of healthy, good old fashioned, Adam Smith competition comes along they bitch about their gravy train ending. Typical out of touch, greedy corporate sludge.

They are have been bought off by the big business lobby, the private insurance lobby and the drug lobby. In addition, they know that a sizable portion of the population is less educated and less informed, which is why they don't want to piss off the radical right-wing media outlets who aid in keeping people misinformed. They also know that because of that they can scare people and that they'll be more likely to believe the fear tactics because they take advantage of the naivete of good, hard working, honest Americans. It's sickening and this explotation of peoples' lives and innocence has got to stop.

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