Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Republican Hypocrite on Sexual Morality.

Well, well, well. The self-named "party of morals and values" has (shock of shocks) another hypocrite to add to their growing, stinking, retched pile. Senator John Ensign of Nevada has admitted to having an affair with a married staffer. He has been outspoken on marriage issues saying that "marriage is sacred" which is partly aimed at the gay community for wanting equal marriage rights. Ensign sees homosexuality as immoral and thus gay marriage would taint the "sacredness" of marriage.

During the height of the scandal surrounding Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, the Nevada Republican denounced the president's conduct as "an embarrassing moment for the country."

TPJ: Ensign's affair appears to have been going during the Larry Craig airport bathroom sex scandal (another Republican who condemned others sexual "improprieties" while engaging in his own). Ensign said of the Craig affair at the time, "In 2007, he called fellow Republican Sen. Larry Craig a disgrace and urged the Idaho Republican to resign."

Ensign is also a member of a group called, "The Promise Keepers" which is a Christian "values" organization for men that promotes fidelity in marriage.

I don't personally care that he had sex outside of his marriage. I think our puritanical society is way too hung up and inhibited when it comes to sexuality in the first place. As long as you're not breaking any laws or hurting someone then do whatever gets you off!! I doesn't bother me--It's not my business. Ultimately that is between his wife, his family and himself. What I do care about though is the trend of moral superiority that many Republicans claim to have because they are "Christians." If you want to make claims of moral superiority over Democrats then you're living in glass houses and as any good Christian should know by now--people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Did you holier-than-thou, Pharisee like Christians who use your version of morality as a political club forget that verse?

Sad that a non-Christian has to remind you of that verse. Or how about this one--He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. In other words, Republicans--If you want to hurl stones of condemnation at Liberals who often have a different version of morality than you do then you better damn well be living up to your own standards!! Otherwise you're just a fraud who is using Christianity to further your political greed and personal power trip. And it's inevitable that you'll end up being a hypocrite because NO ONE can live up to your standard of perfection for their entire lives. So that is why we Liberals and many like minded Independents and Republicans think religion and religious standards should have NO place in political affairs.

None of us are perfect and I know that you think being Christian means you're automatically perfect and thus allowed to stand in judgment and condemnation of other peoples' personal lives but you're wrong. And when you inevitably fail to live up to your own standards--we the admittedly imperfect will call you on your hypocrisy and rightfully so. None of us can say that we don't have moral failings.

So as I said--Let's get politics out of the bedroom once and for all. That means letting go of your zealous opposition to gay marriage because when your argument comes down to "It's morally wrong" then you've put yourself in a precarious position. I say that because we are ALL morally wrong in one way or another and as long as gays aren't hurting anyone or breaking any laws then what difference does it make to you if they get married or not? You say that your "God" is the judge. So leave the "moral failings" that you perceive gay folks and non-gay folks of committing to that judge of yours and in return we'll go easier on your side when one of yours is discovered to have their own "moral problems." If I were you I'd worry about my own moral failings in the eyes of your "God" than those of someone else. O.k.?

It seems that many Christians are into forcing others to follow their beliefs or else and in some branches of Christianity, that was "Satan's" plan. He told "God" in the "pre-existence" that he'd make all follow "God's" plan and force everyone to be "good." No one would have a choice in the matter. So by trying to force people to live a Christian life by passing laws outlawing gay marriage, abortion, etc. you Christians are following the plan of "Satan."

It seems that if these Christians believe choice (free-will) is vital and of "God" then doesn't that mean allowing women to have the choice to have an abortion or not? And allowing gays the choice to marry each other? As well as allowing people the choice to do any number of things you personally see as wrong and immoral? See, it's easy to say you believe something but when your belief is put to the test regarding a choice that you wouldn't agree with--That's when the true test of your faith comes into play and many of you Christians fail that test miserably I have to say.

If having an abortion will send those women to your "hell" then let them make that choice. Who are you to say what they can and can not do? That is your "God's" job. You're not "God" no matter how much you think of yourself. If being gay is a choice and immoral and evil then let your "God" deal with it. After all, not only does the Bible say that "he" is the sole judge it also says that Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s." This means to let government be the governor of the affairs of man and leave the spiritual affairs (which includes opinions of morality) to "God." It speaks of keeping religion and government seperate. We don't want a secular government to punish your beliefs--on the contrary. Seperation of Church and State protects the rights and ensures those rights for BOTH sides.

If you are following what you believe to be the righteous path of "God" by not having an abortion and not engaging in homosexual activity (to name the two big "moral" issues debated between secularists and religionists today) then why make such a fuss about those who don't follow your rules? Aren't you secure in your knowledge that "God" will take care of us evil doers who live by standards, which are not Christian? Go about your lives and follow your "God" but keep your spiritual opinions about morality out of the government and to yourself. If someone wants to know about them or asks about them then fine--great!! I have no problem with you sharing your beliefs but you have to allow me my own beliefs too. Otherwise you're a hypocrite, a fraud and no better than the rest of us "sinners."

If you choose to keep using your high standard of morals to judge everyone elses's "moral failings" and then you get caught doing something similar--Don't be shocked when we slam you on it. And don't be shocked either when in relation to that we don't take your religion very seriously--because apparently you don't either. Isn't that right Mr. Ensign?

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JollyRoger said...

Mr. Ensign is typical Rushpublican scum. How could anyone be surprised, though; the "leaders" of the Rushpublican Party are a 400 pound dope addict that takes stolen Viagra to a place teeming with teenage boy hustlers, a twice-divorced "catholic" who voted to impeach a President for doing EXACTLY what he was doing at the time, and a Nazi who was afraid of his own shadow the entire 8 years he was "second in line" and has the IQ of a pineapple.

What ELSE would you expect from the downlevel guys, really?