Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Senator Mitch McConnell the Bat Boy.

I realize this is a bit immature but I always thought Senator Mitch McConnell looked freaky and vampire like. He's also called Darth Vader because he's usually cold, unforgiving and an ideologue. Then when I saw him today on the news it finally dawned on me--BAT BOY!!! Bat boy was an on-going bit in the mostly fictitious, infamous tabloid, "Weekly World News." It is said he was raised by bats in a cave. We use to read this "newspaper" on long road trips for laughs and to stave off boredom. So, you decide. The Bat Boy image is below:
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Riverwolf, said...

Hello my friend---this made me laugh, so thank you! And I do agree. Mitch is indeed Bat Boy!