Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Republican Purge.

If you want to see just how committed the Congressional Republicans are to bipartisanship (other than the goose egg they put up on the board on the stimulus bill) then look no further than their own ranks. Not only have they not gotten the clue that Americans have rejected the Republicanism of Bush-Cheney and that of the hard right Republicans in the Congress but now they are going after their own members to purge the party of anyone moderate enough to dare working with President Obama.

You see, they don't even believe in bipartisanship in their own party!! What happened to that "big tent" claim Mr. Steele? That would be Michael Steele the new RNC chairman who claimed inititally that he was going to "grow the party." Hmmm, interesting theory...grow the party by destroying it first? Is that anything like the old Vietnam adage of "burn the village to save it?" Big tent usually means diversity of views but now you have shown your true colors again--by collapsing your big tent and packing it up. From now on it's invitation only apparently.

They are going after fellow Republican Senators Arlen Specter, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe for daring to work with the majority party to actually try and get the economy moving. They are talking about putting up primary challengers to these three senators. However, that would backfire I think because I would submit that voters aren't going to be in the mood to vote for politicians who stand in the way versus those who try to actually do something. It may not work exactly how Obama is planning it but at least he's trying, which is more than can be said for the Republicans wandering around in the political desert. In comparison what did Obama do with the wobbly Joe Liebermann? He welcomed him back and said he should keep his chairmanships. See, bipartisanship.

In Pennsylvania, which is a growing blue state (meaning it's voting more and more for the Democrats) the Republicans can put up some hard line conservative to beat Specter in the primary and that hardliner might win. However, I highly doubt such a hardliner would be voted for in the general election given the political winds backing moderate Republicans and Democrats right now. And Specter is a moderate. The Republicans need to reinvent themselves or they will continue to be driven out of government in further elections by sticking with the hard line ways of the Neo-conservatives. They'd do well to look toward Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida and yes, even Gov. Arnold out in California.

It seems to me that these hardliners, which are about all that's left on their side of the aisle because they live in safe districts. The rest got voted out by the Independents and growing numbers of Democrats. It seems to me that they think they can still win with the same ideas and that it was just the specific personalities of the Senators and Representatives who got voted off the island, er, I mean out of government that people didn't like. No. Newsflash!! Americans have rejected your ideas.

Trickle down economics finally, thankfully died out with the Bush administration. Unfortunately it drug us down with it off the financial cliff. Thanks Bush. It was on life support since Bush the first when he came to the realization that Reaganomics might sound good on paper but that it tends to produce recessions. Thus he had to raise new taxes to cover costs. Then came Bush the Idiot reviving the laissez-faire, capitalism on steroids, trickle-down economic bullshit that had shown it was prone to recessions under Reagan and Bush the first.

However, this time "w" was going to throw in a twist--tax cuts but not just any old tax cuts like to the middle class, which helped Clinton balance the budget and build a surplus. Nope. Tax cuts to the RICH and in a time of TWO WARS!!! Raising taxes during an expensive war was never tried until Shrub came along. Yep, the only thing that trickled down for most Americans was job losses, shrinking benefits, shrinking salaries and shrinking investments. See, the crux of Reaganomics is that the rich who get the big tax cuts are supposed to send some of it down stream. However, instead they dam up the stream and with their gobs of cash build a nice, calm pool in the economy for them and their yachts that cost the GDP of some small African countries.

And that has proven to be the case when Reagan started it, when Bush 1 kept it going and when Bush II finally shattered our economy with it. The problem with it is that these fat cats NEVER spread the wealth around as the Reaganomics theory hinges upon. Greed has always won out with that economic policy and now it's time for some good old fashioned, adult supervision (regulations) again. In addition to an overdue dose of some government intervention in cases where the gov't is the only one left to pick up the pieces and get America's engines going again.

How many lost elections will it take for the Old Republicans to get the message--I hope they get destroyed and come back with something better to offer us besides more of the same. I can't believe some of these clowns who say that the Bush tax cuts would have worked if we only would have given them more time. MORE TIME?!!! Like what, another 8 years under McCain? Been there done that--and Obama won. Check that, America won. After eight years of Bush there was hardly any progress economically and in fact the opposite--decline, quarter after quarter.

So I say keep playing the same old record GOP because you'll get kicked in the teeth again next election if you do. I really do want to work with your side but not if you insist on the same games during the Bush administration. Come back when you're serious about bipartisanship and not just trying to maneuver bipartisanship in away so that you can take advantage of the new president. He's smarter than you--get that through your thick skulls.

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TRUTH101 said...

I have doubts about the sincerity of the Republicans you mentioned were being targeted by their party for working with Democrats. I think the reason they do this is not out of caring for our Nation. But because they are forced to by the political leanings of their states. Spectre was on the committee that could have investigated Bush for years. I don't remember many investigations. I have grave doubts as to the patritic motives of Sectre. Snow and Collins.

Anonymous said...

They weren't REAL Republicans after all, were they!!
Just like "Christians" who have doubts about Christianity aren't REAL Christians!!
They were fakes planted by Satan to fool the innocent, just like the dinosaur bones in the rocks are Satanic trickery!!!