Friday, February 06, 2009

President Obama, Keep Reminding America that the Bush Tax Cuts Failed.

President Obama stumbled a bit with this stimulus bill in terms of the messaging and let the Republicans walk all over his good will gestures and went a bit too far on the bipartisan spirit. He is now rightly using the power of his office to whip up support and show everyone why his bill is a good bill. The president sought to get the advice of Republicans and even had them over for drinks one night yet even before his first meeting with Republican Congress members Rep. John Boehner was already telling his colleagues not to vote for it. Well, if they want to play hardball then it's about time that Obama is throwing some punches.

He is rightly pointing out that the plan the Republicans want implemented is basically a mirror image of Bush tax cut policy to the rich, which somehow people seem to have forgotten didn't work!! Obama's plan it a combination of spending AND targeted tax cuts. Bush kept those tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans during his entire 8 years in office and did the economy improve? No. Did the unemployment numbers keep increasing? Yes. So It's about time that Obama is reminding the GOP of that inconvenient truth. As well as reminding them that America spoke loud and clear voting for him and that means no more Bush era economic policies. As it is the Republicans are acting like they won the election!!!

If the Republicans are going to eschew bipartisanship as they did right off the bat in saying they'd vote against the bill before even meeting with the president then I say bulldoze over the top of them, pick off a few moderate Republicans and pass the damn thing already.

Oh yeah and Sarah Palin is annoyed by bloggers--good, that means we're doing our job. Keep it up!!

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TRUTH101 said...

I know that Obama knows how to play hardball with these republican jokers. We're both from Illinois. I agree 100%. Time to send thse guys a message.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


Yep. Put 'em in their place and knock 'em around a bit. They need to be taken down a peg or two.