Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Generational Poverty, Republican Governors and States Rights.

So Senator John McCain is railing against the Obama recovery bill, which was signed by the president today here in Colorado. He seems to think that he's still in a presidential campaign against President Obama. He saying that this recovery bill is "generational theft" because of the borrowing we must do to pay for it (Yet he had no problem dumping money in Iraq). Here's the problem and a way to answer those annoying Republicans in your family who are repeating something like this over and over like a myna bird.

The amount of money needed is so massive that the only way we can come up with the cash is to borrow. We can print more money but then we risk inflation and losing more value of the dollar and seeing how the dollar is weak enough I think borrowing is the only option left. It is simply the nature of this deep recession. As it is some economists say we still need more money than the recovery bill calls for.

The Republicans are acting like we have other choices but they are blinded by partisan politics apparently to see we don't have time to play games. We could be in a depression any day now so we need a massive injection of money into our economy and the only way to do that in the timely fashion is borrowing. Besides the majority of the bill is tax cuts (it will put needed money in the hands of 95% of Americans) anyway so knowing that they are for tax cuts it's hard to believe that they were opposing this out of principle.

Generational theft?? We might not have a next generation to worry about if we don't take this risk and yes, we don't know if it will work exactly the way we want it to but we're in MacGyver mode at this point. We have to try something--fast and it has to be big because we are literally standing on the edge of the abyss and I can't believe the Republicans don't see how bad this really is for not just us but the world.

So instead of working with our president in the most trying economic times since the Great Depression they are off playing Aerosmith songs and bragging about being obstructionists. By the way, I wonder if social conservatives realize that this song is partly about prostitution in the old west. So the guys and gals have been puffing their chests out about how no House Republicans voted for the bill.

O.k., think about what you're doing Republicans by being so partisan. You are following the orders of your Saint Rush Limbaugh who wants this president to fail, which means if he fails then our country fails and if our country fails than our government could quite literally collapse. So what difference would your "principled objections" make if you had no job like the rest of us?

Oh and by the way, a new poll shows Democrats in Congress with higher approval ratings in the midst of trying to fix this economic mess and you Repubs are declining:

In the Gallup poll, the support among Democrats more than doubled between January and February -- from 18 percent to 43 percent -- while congressional approval moved up far more marginally among Independents (17 percent to 29 percent) and actually declined among Republicans (23 percent to 19 percent).

TPJ: Plus, nearly 7 in 10 Americans support the job President Obama is doing in office and 66% say the Obama plan will likely help improve the economy.

And by the way 22 Republican governors (who represent nearly half of the states) support the stimulus bill including the popular Governor of Florida, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gov. Jim Douglas of Vermont and Gov. M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut to name but a few. Even conservative ruby red Utah's governor believes the bill will stimulate the economy in Utah. So you Republicans claim to be the party of "states rights" where you say that states should have balanced power with the federal government. However, how does preventing a cash strapped state from getting federal stimulus dollars helping them stay strong to balance federal power?

I'm for states rights too but Republicans can't claim to be the party of states rights by opposing states from getting vital dollars. State governments and cities are the first line of defense for the country. They deal directly with the people and know the needs of the people better than Congress off in Washington D.C.

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TRUTH101 said...

As a full fledged partisan Democrat, I urge President Obama to not give any stimulus money to Republican Districts and states who's senators and Congresmen/Women voted against it.

We won. There. I said it and I'm glad.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Truth 101:

You that if we called their bluff about the money that they'd break and say, never mind we want the cash after all.