Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hillary Clinton Pandering in Indiana, Gas Holiday Non-Sense and Hillary's Carpetbagger Status.

Have you seen the photo out now showing Hillary carpooling with a sheet metal worker in Indiana?

She apparently paid to fill up the tank of gas but the irony here is that the vehicle she was riding in was this massive gas guzzling pick-up truck!!

How about driving in a hybrid car to help promote them? It is irresponsible for her to claim that she is for helping the environment and then not only not ride in a hybrid but jump into a gas sucking behemoth. It's just a gimmick, like her "gas tax holiday" which will end up hurting more than it will help. It would only amount to about $28 dollars in a break over the entire summer

That is why Obama opposes it, not because he's heartless but because he's honest and willing to tell people what they don't want to hear, that there are not any quick fixes. As well as that we have to start making some sacrifices to bring real, long-lasting change in the cost of transportation, a few tanks of gas isn't going to help us long term. It's sweeping the real problem under the rug, kicking the can down the road. Hillary is appealing to good old American laziness and the very procrastination to face our oil addiction that has gotten us into the mess in the first place!

Recent debate on the campaign trail centers on whether lifting the federal gas tax, which is 18.4 cents a gallon, during the busy summer driving season will provide some short-term relief for consumers or merely a quick fix to appease voters. The tax goes to local governments for road and bridge construction projects, and state highway officials say lost revenue could cost thousands of jobs.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) waded into the contentious issue of a suspension of the federal gasoline tax this morning, saying categorically that the Democratic leadership of Congress has no intention of pursuing a policy that he said "would not be positive."

Most economists side with Obama on the issue. Summer gasoline price spikes are driven by demand for fuel far more than supply issues. Suspending the federal gas tax might have a very temporary impact, but prices would rise back quickly to what's known as "the market-clearing rate." "A suspension of the tax would not be positive," Hoyer said. "The oil companies would just raise their prices." That would mean the 18-cent decrease in gas taxes would represent a temporary subsidy to the oil companies.

TPJ: So would you like to lose your job, continue to drive on cracking bridges and get a summer with only minimally cheaper gas? Has Hillary learned nothing from the Minneapolis bridge collapse showing our desperate need to fix our infrastructure? Apparently not. Check out Barack's new ad on in Indiana and North Carolina about this bait and switch by Hillary:
Next Issue. Where the HELL is Hillary Clinton from? She was born in Illionios but later lived in Arkansas and tried to become an Arkansan when her husband became Governor of Arkansas. Later she ran for the Senate but not for the state of Illinois or Arkansas but New York state!! She claimed "native son" status in trying to win the primary in Arkansas earlier this year but later claimed the same thing while trying to win votes in Pennsylvania. So who is she really? A carpet-bagger. She is the worse opportunist that I have seen in politics in my lifetime.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barack Obama Firmly Divorces Himself from His Former Pastor Reverend Wright.

"At a certain point, if what somebody says such things, then he questions or not whether you believe it, in front of the National Press Club, then that's enough... That's a show of disrespect for me. "It may have been unintentional on his part, but I do not see our relationship as the same."

"He was never my quote unquote, spiritual adviser, my quote unquote spiritual mentor, he was my pastor."

More Obama: Wright is "an embarrassment to his campaign" and "not what my campaign is about."

Obama emphasizes "the man I saw yesterday was not the man I knew for 20 years."

TPJ: You could tell during the press conference that Obama was legitimately upset with Wright and the media's obsession with the matter.

Barack went on further saying that Wright's continued remarks over the last few days have been outrageous, wrong, destructive and sad. Obama said Wright is exploiting old divisions in a way that is antithetical to his campaign of bridging the racial divide. The comments "give comfort to those who prey on hate," Obama said.

Obama said he was particularly angered that Wright seems to believe that his prior denunciations of Wright's remarks were mere "political posturing." That shows that Wright doesn't know him that well, after all, Obama said.

"I may not know him as well as I thought, either," Obama said.

TPJ: Obama also firmly said that Wright states and amplifies "Ridiculous positions on AIDS, Lewis Farrakhan, terrorism" and "there are no excuses" for such behavior.

Good for Obama. Reverend Wright represents the battles, fears and suspicions of the past and Obama is the future who represents a vision of hope, prosperity, peace and urgent change. What better way to represent change than to cut ties with the Reverend. I hope that this finally satisfies the press and voters that Barack is not the same as Reverend Wright. The whole connection was absurd to begin with but it is nice to see him strongly distance himself further from the increasingly bizarre behavior of Wright and of the man himself. Now, let's move on to the economy and the other REAL issues that matter most for voters.

It's time that we stand up and demand change and elect a person who honestly wants to work for us and WITH us for once instead of working for themselves and their cronies like Hillary and McSame as Bush. Obama doesn't act like a child as so many politicians do, he is classy and always professional in how he handles matters.
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton Wants More Debates but How Many are too Many? Plus, More Reverend Wright???

We've had 21 debates this primary season and they've been going on so long that each new one is starting to sound like a television re-run of a previous aired program. Hillary Clinton isn't tired of them and maybe it's because she loves the sound of her own voice, what Clinton doesn't? However, more to the point I see it as a sign of desperation. What else is there to talk about that hasn't been discussed, Coors beer vs. Budweiser? I guess that might be a critical issue to those so-called (by the media) "beer drinking" voters out there. I'm sorry but if you're main issue is whether or not the candidate would have a beer with you than you're part of the reason that we elect fools like "W."

She needs a game changer and what better way to trap the front runner into a back-alley, dirty fighting brawl where the chances of her wading into the distractions is more probable than actually talking issues. He's not taking the bait, however, and is rightly focusing his time on talking to the voters in person on issues that matter deeply to them, you know the people who actually determine the election Hillary?

She's saying that the people of North Carolina and Indiana deserve a debate but who hasn't had a chance to watch one of the 21 debates that have already aired? A lot of people get cable and many of the debates were carried on basic cable so the great citizens of these two states have had plenty of chances to hear them debate ad nauseum.

And if the citizens of NC and IN deserve debates then why didn't every state deserve a debate? There was no debate here in Colorado and in many of the other states so that is a stupid and empty argument.

Yet Hillary didn't want to debate much during her senate campaigns:

I remember back in 2000, when Hillary Clinton first ran for the U.S. Senate, and this is what we found. "Mark McMahon, a 39-year-old orthopedic surgeon, managed to force [Hillary] Clinton into a [Senate] primary by collecting" "40,000" signatures from "Democrats." She wanted the debate her. She's "greeted like a celebrity at most stops." "`We're focused on the real debate in this race'" between--"`one between Mrs. Clinton and'" the "`[Republican] Mr. Lazio,'" said Howard Wolfson. He was doing it back then as well.

And then in 2006, "During the [2006 Senate] Democratic primary season, Mrs. Clinton refused to debate her antiwar challenger, Jonathan Tasini, all but ignoring his candidacy and sidestepping his attacks on her vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq."

TPJ: Another day and the media is still talking about Reverend Wright despite the fact that Obama has said over and over and over again that the Rev. DOES NOT SPEAK FOR HIM NOR THE CAMPAIGN!!! What more can Obama do? There are those who say that he should leave his church but why? Wright is no longer the pastor and the church as a whole is a wonderful community of people who do wonderful things for the needy and less fortunate.

I guess Obama is supposed to hunt Wright down, throw him in the back of a windowless van, tie him up, gag him and throw him in some dark, bottomless hole. That is basically the tone of the media, that he should somehow control Wright but not only is that pretty much illegal because to do so you'd have to do the above kidnapping or out right kill the man, it's absurd. Despite Wright's idiotic and disgusting comments, he still has the right to express himself as he wishes as an American citizen. Barack Obama has the right to say what he wants too but somehow his dismissals and disagreements with Rev. Wright aren't acceptable enough, they are ignored because it damages the angle that the media is fueling.

The press has long ago forgot that idea, that people are free to say what they want. The media has done a terrifyingly good job controlling the message and by doing so controlling the people for years.

One thing we know about Obama and his campaign is that he stands for change and the American people are hungry for that message. Unfortunately the media doesn't stand for or want change and that's why they and the typical political tactics of the Clinton and McCain campaigns are turning off so many Americans. Given the uber-distraction of the Iraq war these past 5 years you'd think that America would be tired of distractions and ready for change. I think that most Americans are ready to stop playing games and move bravely into the future.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

More Corporate Media Madness.

Another day, another post about the media. Wag the dog time. So Reverend Wright spoke out in an interview last night with Bill Mohers and said that Barack's dismissal of his controversial comments is just him doing what he has to do as a politician. Insinuating that Obama wasn't sincere in his repudiations and now people are questioning Barack's motives around that race/religion speech. Just because Wright says that, however, doesn't make it true!!

The media is reading into this way too much to stir up more shit to keep this race going so that they can continue to rake in the cash and viewers. The media loves to play this "guilt by association" game and people buy that shit. They know that we Americans are gullible and understand that Americans look to them for all their information to be spoon fed to them but they don't realize or don't care that what they're being spoon fed is contaminated.

Today must be a slow news day and they need to whip something up. Talking about the issues is apparently boring to Americans, we want our juicy tabloid drama to go with our slice of A.D.D.

I'm not playing anymore. I'm am very close to bailing on this country if I had the money to do so.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The United Stupids of America.

O.k., I've been thinking about this for awhile now during this primary season. What am I talking about? Race. Barack Obama lost the white voters making less than $50,000 big time in Pennsylvania and this has been a trend and I am wondering why? If race isn't an issue for these white voters than why isn't he getting more of these folks? I know that not all are voting against him because he's black but I have to think that a lot are given the divide which makes me want tear some of these asshats' heads off and puke down their throats.

I saw a poll today on MSNBC News about race in regards to the Pennsylvania primary just held. It asked white voters if the candidate's race was important in deciding who to vote for, 75% of those whites who voted for Hillary said yes and only 24% voted for Obama said yes. What is wrong with these people?!!! I am so fucking sick of this, "Oh he's black" or "Oh he's gay" bullshit. SO FUCKING WHAT?!! "Oh he's too black, oh wait he's not black enough" blah, blah, blah. Grow up already and act like an adult. God. How much lower can my respect for my fellow Americans reach? Because right now it's down in the shitter and headed at the speed of bullshit (roughly around a 100 pounds per hour) toward the Earth's core.
I am furious to the point of incoherence that there are that many racist Democrats out there!! I thought that the Democratic party was the progressive and accepting party?

The other thing that irks me is this constant need by the media to label and categorize voters into these stupid ass "groups." They talk about the "beer drinkers" vs. the "wine sippers," the "Nascar dads" and the "Soccer moms." The "Reagan Democrats" and "Starbucks drinkers" vs. the "Dunkin Donuts" coffee enthusiasts. Its starting to sound like one of these Japanese game shows where they pit people of different segments of society against each other on an obstacle course. Such as, "Office clerks" vs. "Tow truck drivers."

It's beyond silly, it's stooooooooopid. Let's not forget about the all important, "tea drinkers" and "Nose pickers vote!" I mean what's next? Toilet using Democrats vs. bidet using Democrats?

It is this kind of crap that makes people give up on the process.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

John McCain Trying to Change the Subject.

This is my second post today, so if you want to see my first post which is on the Pennsylvania election fallout just click here.

So what is John McSame as Bush doing in the meantime? Grandpa John McStained my adult diapers is talking about the hashed and rehashed Obama "bitter" comments. Why? Because he has nothing to offer Americans suffering from a reeling economy except more Bush economic policies including more tax breaks to the rich at the expense of the average American. Watch this video to see just how out of touch McCain is on the economy:
So how does he go the into economically depressed states of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania with the message that the economy isn't that bad and expect to win?

Then there is the Iraq war that he wants to keep going for decades to come which will continue to drain our treasury, not to mention the lives it will continue to take. He sees nothing troublesome with the economic course that America is on despite a HUGE majority of Americans saying that we are on the wrong track.

Yeah with that kind of overall message I'd be trying to change the subject too.

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Obama Still Ahead Despite Big Clinton Victory in PA.

Hillary Clinton had a great night last night and no one can take that away from her but she still remains behind in the delegate count and the popular vote. Barack Obama was down by 20 points in PA weeks ago and cut that percentage in half to keep his overall lead intact. Hillary's win though only cut into his 150 delegate lead by 10-15 and it's hard to see how she is going to close that and top it with the few remaining states and territories left.

Plus, she can't win the popular vote without Michigan and Florida which is a tired old argument but I'll go through it again to balance out their rhetoric. Both Hillary and Obama pledged that the Michigan vote total wouldn't count and Obama wasn't even on the ballot!! She won Florida but he didn't campaign there so her win was like beating a boxer who had one hand tied behind his back because we know that when Obama fully campaigns in a state, his poll numbers shoot up--just look how he cut Clinton's lead in PA in half from his campaigning. So even if you do count the Florida results she would only net 200,000 votes which would still leave her down 300,000 just to tie him in the popular vote count. In addition, there is still North Carolina coming up where he is looking to really pad his popular vote count lead. Also, his chances look good in Oregon.

Also, even though ten points was big, Obama has had his own big victories--he won Virginia by some twenty points. In upcoming Indiana, Hillary was behind a few weeks ago and it is now just within the margin or error with him ahead by 5 points so we have to fight hard Indianans for Obama!! In North Carolina Obama is far ahead but we have to remain vigilant there too and increase that lead as much as possible. We're counting on you all in North Carolina to get out the vote for Obama.

In addition, today the Clinton campaign is resurrecting the false argument that Obama can not win rural and blue collar states. They conveniently forget about the important rural state of Missouri that Obama carried. In addition, he won the rural states of Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Colorado (which still has a large rural population and is a very purple state).

They are also arguing that with Hillary's win in Pennsylvania that means only she can win the state in a general election campaign. However, a current poll of the state shows that both her and Obama would beat McCain in PA right now by 5 points.

So don't lose heart guys and gals, it was one night and he still holds the lead so we move on and fight to shut her down in Indiana and North Carolina. Let us not rest on our laurels, we need to fight for every vote in every state so that we can button this thing up as soon as possible. We need to donate as much cash as we can to the campaign to spread our message as much as possible. Even if you can only afford $5 it will make a difference. YES WE CAN!!!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Election Day in Pennsylvania.

It's election day in,"The Keystone Sate" and man o' man is there some news!! Hillary Clinton is more and more sounding like John McCain. She's now talking about "totally obliterating" Iran if they should attack Israel with a nuke. This statement sounds a lot like McCain's, "Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb bomb Iran" comments in perverting a great Beach Boy's song. Is that the kind of language that is going to help our relations with Iran? Absolutely not.

It's the same kind of "cowboy diplomacy" that Bush has been using over the last 8 years. We need a leader who has more tact, restraint and statesmanship than is represented by this kind of talk. She talks and talks about the importance of using diplomacy instead of saber rattling and intimidation yet she is engaging in the exact kind of rhetoric that she has previously condemned!! She has spun her positions and "misspoken" so many times now that doesn't know if she's coming or going. In order to receive positive results from diplomacy there has to be at least some level of respect and trust between the two parties and talking of obliterating Iran doesn't foster that type of relationship.

That is not to say that I don't believe in punishing Iran for such an attack and doing it severely but it is irresponsible to speak as she did. Those were pretty inflammatory remarks and there are ways to make it clear to Iran that we wouldn't put up with such an action without talking like a school-yard bully.

It appears that Barack Obama isn't going to win tonight but many project that he will be within 5-6 points. The Clinton camp is dancing around asking why Obama (the national leader amongst Democrats) couldn't win in PA despite outspending them. However, what they won't tell you is that he use to be behind by TWENTY POINTS!!! So his campaign HAS worked, it has gotten him out of a deep hole and positioned him to be within striking distance to her in the state. They also think that an Obama loss would show that he's a weak candidate there and show that he might lose it to McCain.

First of all, a Hillary Clinton win doesn't translate to predicting a general election match-up with McCain because the primary is pitting two Dem's against each other and the majority of Dem voters would most likely back which ever Democrat wins the nomination. Plus, large numbers of voters in Pennsylvania recently switched registration or newly registered to Democrat so that is also something to consider with the general. And finally, any poll numbers this far out from the general aren't that reliable since the match-up isn't final yet, not to mention there haven't been an general election debates. So there is just too many variables to absolutely say that Obama would lose PA in the general.

Even though I think Barack will not win out-right tonight, I think he still has a chance to do so. Especially since polls are so unpredictable these days with many only using cell phones now instead of regular landlines. Plus, a Hillary win of only 6 points wouldn't net her enough delegates or increase her popular vote totals enough to do much damage to Obama. So I would say that if Obama keeps it under double digits the headline is, "Hillary still trails despite win." And say Obama has a bad night and loses by more, he'll still be ahead overall unless he somehow gets trounced by a 20 point margin which is VERY unlikely.

And to my Pennsylvania Obama supporting readers who might not have voted yet, get going!!!! Do whatever it takes to get out and vote for Obama, even if it means springing for a babysitter and sacrificing a movie night to do so. Or going out of your way to drive someone to the polls. We're counting on you to help us bring change to this country and the world. This is too important of an election to sit out.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Lord's Boot Camp.

As some of you know, I get really pissed off with certain segments of the Christian community, not the humble faithful who are sincere and don't feel the need to insult you and your own beliefs or lack thereof. I don't like the ones who berate the way I live and are so in your face and arrogant with their beliefs. I really dislike the rise of Christians who feel it is their duty to convert you and "save your soul." I can't stand the "holier than thou" bullshit that is so evident amongst the fanatical Christian Evangelical movement. So with that introduction, I give you my analysis of a program we saw called, "48 Hours: The Lord's Boot Camp."

The Lord's Boot Camp is a camp where some Evangelical Christians send their kids to prepare them to go out and get people to come to Jesus. They send these kids out into the wilderness and run them through these physically and emotionally demanding obstacle courses while they yell the ten commandments at them and many of the kids breakdown and cry from the intensity. This is what I saw, impressionable kids being separated from society and their families and physically and emotionally broken down so that they were ripe for indoctrination and vulnerable to suggestion.

The militancy of the whole thing really disturbs me and reminds me of the militancy of some of the radical Muslim indoctrination camps/schools. It plays into the whole martyrdom complex, that they suffer from persecution and thrive on victim hood. Traits of a martyrdom complex include: They have the need to be a victim and complain always (Christians complaining that our country isn't Christian enough and they are being persecuted if anyone dares oppose their views and plans), They lie and twist facts to prove their point (because, well it's the truth and therefore somehow justified. The ends justify the means. They'll thank me later), They selectively forget, ignore or avoid any facts that may conflict with their point and resort to name-calling when everything else fails (you're beliefs are demonic and you're a sinner because you don't agree with me).

These kids went around trying to convert people in Africa and in Indiana and telling people that they are wrong and that they are right because they, "just know." It's maddening to deal with such stubbornness and circular logic. To this end, one of the adults leading the boot camp was asked if their methods were brainwashing, to which he responded, "No, we're just telling them the truth." Which is more circular logic because how do they know it's the truth if they don't do their own investigation into other belief systems and lack of them. How can you know, "the truth" if you aren't given another option? If it's really the truth then they'll easily come back to Christianity after their personal soul searching. It's the old patriarchal, authoritarian trick of, "Because I said so" which is backed up with a large dose of guilt, fear of eternal damnation and shame.

Then there is the peer pressure to do what the other kids are doing. So how is that different from drug peer pressure? Oh, I forgot, it's different because it's--"the truth."

Then there was the girl who said she wasn't angry at people when they didn't listen to her pitch, she just felt sorry for them. That is another attitude that pisses me off. They are so arrogant that they honestly think that people couldn't possibly be as happy as they are because they don't know, "the truth" yet. They don't believe people who have heard, "the truth" and turned it down and say that they are very happy without Christianity and so they double their efforts to bring you the, "good news." In other words, "God" loves you whether you like it or not. They also explain your rejection away as you aren't ready to hear "the truth." Or that you aren't being honest with yourself, that if you look deep inside of yourself you'll know it's true.

You disrespect peoples' beliefs, their lifestyle choices and their very intelligence but then wonder why people hate you??? Un-fucking-believable. It's like talking to a rock sometimes except a rock doesn't berate and insult you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Swept Up in Pope Fever Unwittingly.

Many of those thousands who came to see Pope Benedict XVI as he headed up Fifth Avenue in the Popemobile after the Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral spoke about investing significant expense and travel time to be there. Then there were those who were there by accident – and, in fact, did not want to be there at all.

Around this busy tourist area, there were many tourists with no intention of waiting for the pope. So they became, well, papal prisoners, trapped in sidewalk pens when the police suddenly shut down pedestrian traffic some 30 minutes before the pontiff’s motorcade eventually passed.

“You mean we can’t leave until the pope gets here?” said one woman who was with her grown daughter and told she could not leave the area. “We have to meet someone at 1:45 across town.”

“We just want to go to FAO Schwarz,” one said. “Now it looks like we’ll have to see the pope.”

They looked a bit perturbed.

The interlopers, however, were not happy. The woman and her daughter, after making many harried phone calls (“No, we have to wait for the pope, the mother said into her cellphone").

TPJ: Oh I'd be SO PISSED OFF!!! I hate getting caught up and stuck in a crowd anyway but being stuck in a crowd because of some regular old guy who egotistically thinks he's the infallible representative of "God" on Earth??? While on vacation??? The guy dresses like an Emperor but I don't think Jesus (the humble carpenter's son) would wear anything like that. Not that I believe in Jesus but If he were walking around today they'd call him a hippie with his long hair, beard, sandals and simple robe.

Someone in the comment section of this article stated that there was plenty of notice in advance that he would be rolling down the road but if you're a tourist then you don't normally catch the local news. Speaking of planning in advance, why didn't the police design a barricade system and allowed through traffic so people could at least have a detour but no, they had to corral them into a pen like trap.

Other comments associated with the article say that we should respect him and be happy to see such a great man. Why should I respect a man who has no respect for my Buddhist beliefs and Atheistic leanings? I refuse to respect a leader who calls for unity of church and state which excludes and punishes those of different faiths and of no faith.

"Here in America you'll find a nation that welcomes the role of faith in the public square."

Um, there's a big debate about that here Poopness, not everyone welcomes such a connection.

What would these Pope crazy people think of a similar gathering/parade for famous Atheist, Richard Dawkins?

The separation between the two is meant to protect BOTH religion and matters of the people/state who have many different beliefs or no beliefs at all.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

John McCain is Older than Dirt.

(John McCain seen here trying on his old fighter pilot gear at a Navy School reunion. The photo was taken in black and white to remind McCain of his glory days)
This is a hilarious video about John McCain's age but with a serious point to make, his age puts him at risk of being out of touch with many voters. If elected he'd be the oldest first term president ever to serve.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The ABC Debate Was Terrible.

It was the worst debate that I have ever seen. The first 45 minutes was nothing but tabloid distraction issues like, "Why don't you wear a flag pin?" addressed to Obama. It was a debate that should have been put on by the tabloid t.v. program here in America, "Entertainment Tonight."

There was hardly any mention of the issues that people really care about and want to hear discussed. It was a disgrace to the National Constitution Center where it was held. As far as I could tell it looked like a hit job on Obama with both moderators ganging up on him with tired old sensational issues that have been addressed already time and time again. It was like he was sitting in a CIA interrogation at Guantanamo Bay!!

And clearly Hillary loved it and pounced on Barack like that cowardly kid who jumps into a fight to kick the other person while their down. I think that she is over-playing her hand with this pit-bull routine. The funny thing is that all that piling on didn't work, Obama continued to address the issues point by point with dignity and poise. He rose above the muck and talked straight to the American people saying again and again that the American people deserve to talk about the real issues.

Once more his tone was positive and showed that yet again how calm that he is under pressure which is a key quality to have as Commander-in-Chief. Hillary doesn't have that and like John McCain can lose her temper and patience really quick. I hate to imagine how arrogantly McCain and Clinton would treat foreign leaders. Haven't we had enough of the patronizing, flippant attitude that Bush has had with foreign leaders these past 8 years? We need a leader who knows how to comport him/herself with grace and respect for the American people and toward the rest of the world back in the top spot. Clearly that person is Barack Obama.

In other news, another Pennsylvanian newspaper, The Philadelphia News has endorsed Barack Obama.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You Don't Speak for Me Georgie Boy.

(This is my second post today. Scroll past this one to see my first post of the day).

Day two of Popeapalooza and the American media is covering the Pope's visit as if it was the second coming of Jesus. Apparently CNN is now the Catholic News Network. I don't mind the media reporting on the visit as it is a famous person but the constant coverage is nauseating.

They should just do updates and leave the rest for that Catholic cable channel. Over on MSNBC they were mentioning how the Pope is going to talk about healthy sexuality within the confines of marriage. It's laughable that a celibate monk is going to lecture others about sex!!! In addition, the media is now wondering what impact the Pope's visit could have on the election!!! Are you kidding me??? If I hear the candidates being asked about the Pope's visit tonight in the Philly debate then I'm going to drive my Atheist horns through a couch pillow. What? Didn't you know that we Atheists all have horns?

Can you imagine if the media gave the same coverage by a visit of the famous British Atheist Richard Dawkins? For one it would never happen but IF it somehow happened you would probably see riots in the streets, complete with people burning science textbooks.

So Bush greeted the Pope today at the White House and proceeded to stand at the front of the peoples' house and lecture us all that Amurika's real leader is, "God the Creator." In addition to "reminding" us all that the reason people are "moral" in Amurika is because of "God." So true. We Atheists are always trying to kill, rape, pillage and cannibalize the women and children but because of noble, "God" fearing superiors like Bush we are foiled time and time again. CURSES!!! (shakes fist in the air).

Hmmm, I wonder how water boarding fits into the New Testament? Hey Bush, try and explain away and justify THAT one to the guy you worship who just so happens to have been tortured to death. Maybe you should try reading your Bible right side up next time.

Meanwhile, back at the White House Bush had this to say to the Pope after his address, "Awesome speech." I'm shocked that he didn't add, "dude" at the end of that sentence.

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Barack Obama is Not an Elitist. Plus, Obama Picks Up Pittsburgh Paper's Endorsement.

(Barack Obama posing with his Kenyan grandmother)
The elitist label has been thrown at Barack Obama a lot recently but he came from very humble roots. A lot of this information has already been mentioned but I think it is important to remind us all of where Obama has come from.

Like many American's, Obama came from a single parent household. His mother had to take food stamps at one point to get by and keep food on the table. "I know what it's like to see a mother get sick and worry that maybe she can't pay the bills," he said at a building-trade conference in Washington on Tuesday.That kind of environment surely affected Obama and helped inspire him to work with the poor in inner-city Chicago and fight for better living conditions amongst other things.

In order to serve the people, he gave up a lucrative career with a big law firm which is not the normal path for people with the level of education that he scratched and clawed for to attain. He had no trust fund to pay the cost of his studies. He had to take out loans and rely upon scholarships. In fact, he only recently just payed off his student loans accrued while attending college.

Barack's father grew up herding goats in Kenya and was also a domestic servant to the British. His mother grew up in a small town in Kansas. Like Barack, his father was only able to attend college because of scholarships that he won which enabled him to leave Kenya for America to work toward the American Dream.

Obama's maternal grandfather worked on oil rigs during the Great Depression, signed up with the military after Pearl Harbor and fought in Europe with Patton's army. His maternal grandmother worked on a bomber assembly line and after the war both went to school thanks to the G.I. bill. They bought a house via the Federal Housing Program.

As a product of a diverse background, Barack Obama is uniquely positioned to understand and appeal to Americans of all races, classes and religions. His roots also make him the perfect candidate for president to best appeal to the international community. Having lived abroad for a time in Indonesia and being part African he personally knows how much of the world works and the problems that it faces. It also gives him a unique view of how the developing world sees America which gives him a direct perspective and enables him to better deal with diverse countries. He is the candidate to represent the next chapter in America who can bring American credibility back and show that we have learned from the mistakes of the last eight years.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said, Obama and Hillary Clinton are equally prepared to be president and united in their opposition to President Bush's policies. But it is Obama who is the candidate for the future, the newspaper said in urging voters to pick him in next Tuesday's crucial primary.

"Like two opposing armies marching to a new Gettysburg, the forces of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton come to this latest battlefield symbolizing two views of America -- one of the past, one of the future. Pennsylvania Democrats need to rise to the historic moment," the endorsement editorial said."The litany of criticisms heaped on Sen. Obama by the Clinton camp, simultaneously doing the work of the Republicans, is as illustrative as anything of which one is which. These are the cynical responses of the old politics to the new.

The Post-Gazette is a major media voice in western Pennsylvania, where Clinton so far is polling better than Obama, thanks to the support of blue-collar white voters.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pope Has Arrived in America. Plus, Poll Shows No Drop in Poll Numbers for Obama in PA after "Bitter" Remarks.

Well the Pope-mobile is gassed up and ready to go as the Pope is set to arrive here in America. However as an atheistic Buddhist I have some problems with the Pope but especially the current Pope in general, Pope Benedict the XVI.

In December, Pope Benedict blamed Atheism for the cruel actions of communist dictators in the former Soviet Union. "Pope Benedict XVI has strongly criticized atheism and blamed it for bringing about the ”greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice” ever known in history."

This is such bullshit. The communist dictators were dictators who happened to be Atheists who acted in terribly inhumane ways but that doesn't make Atheism a violent philosophy. To rely upon my rusty philosophy, this is saying Stalin was an Atheist and killed millions of his own people therefore Atheism is a violent, blood thirsty, inhumane ideology. Talk about a logical fallacy!!!

As if the Catholic church and Christianity in general hasn't had its own murderous, dictatorial, horrible history. Remember the Crusades? Or how about Catholic inquisitions which were campaigns to punish non Catholics and those who refused to convert to Roman Catholicism with expulsion, imprisonment and/or death.

So when I see people bending down to kiss his ring, the angry side of me wants to say to him, "Kiss my ass."


Barack Obama's off-the-cuff comment about small-town Pennsylvanians being "bitter" over their low status on the economic totem poll doesn't seem to have lowered his standing in the state, according to a poll conducted since the comment was reported.

The latest Quinnipiac Poll of likely Pennsylvania primary voters shows Hillary Clinton maintaining her lead in the state. The 50-to-44 percent edge Clinton holds in the poll is unchanged from its last survey a week ago.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Obama Responds to Being Called, "Out of Touch."

This is the same Hillary Clinton that said during this campaign that lobbyists represent "real people." Let me ask you something, "Do you feel that the drug and health insurance lobbyists represent you?" Of course they don't unless you're a drug company CEO or board member.

And this is the same John McCain who wants to stay in Iraq for decades if not 100 years despite over-whelming, consistent polls stating Americans are against this war in Iraq. The same John McCain who use to oppose the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy but now supports them. Is that helping the rural, blue collar voter? Is that not out of touch?

Then you have Hillary telling us all that she learned to shoot a gun when she was a kid and that somehow this means that she's a gun enthusiast? How many times has she fired off a gun since? Apparently she was asked that very question as to when was the last time you shot a gun to which she replied, that's "not relevant." I think Clinton has over-played her hand here. Here's a great reply from Obama regarding her sudden affection for guns:
I learned how to shoot a gun when I was young but that doesn't make me a gun expert. You don't have to shoot guns or even know how to shoot them to respect them and honor America's gun culture. Obama may not be a gun enthusiast like Billy the Kid Clinton there but I doubt that Obama honestly thinks owning guns is somehow a bad thing. Obama could have chosen his words more carefully but I think his intentions were good. I think he was just trying to say that the average American feels abandoned by our government.

Look the reality here folks is that most politicians are a little out of touch, it's just their nature. So why don't we just get back to the issues instead of voting on who we'd rather have a beer with. We voted in the beer bash frat boy Bush into office and look how well his administration turned out. And if Obama is so out of touch with rural voters then why did he win Utah, Idaho and North Dakota? You mean to tell me that there aren't any gun owning, religious faithful out there who are also Democrats? Well then I have news for you, I live out in the western U.S. and know plenty of Democrats that fit this description.

And as for the anti-immigrant sentiment, you mean to tell me that there isn't a lot of tension and fear in America over immigration? Come on.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Analysis of Obama Pennsylvania Religion and Guns Comments.

MUNCIE, Indiana (CNN) -- Sen. Barack Obama on Saturday tried to clarify what he meant when he said some small-town Pennsylvanians are "bitter" people who "cling to guns and religion."

TPJ: Here are the exact comments, "You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them," Obama, an Illinois senator, said.

"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations," he said.

TPJ: Obama admitted that his words were poorly chosen, "I didn't say it as well as I should have," Obama admitted in Muncie, Indiana, on Saturday, the day after he first defended his comments, "because the truth is that these traditions that are passed on from generation to generation -- those are important." TPJ: I think using "cling" wasn't the right word to use, It was poorly chosen. I think the word that he was looking for was something along the lines of "rely." And who isn't bitter about the economy and other issues right now in America? Here is a clip of
Obama clarifying what he meant.
Let me say this, Obama's comments aren't that far from the truth and that isn't necessarily bad. I live in a rural area of Colorado and know plenty of people who have guns and a strong faith in religion. Indeed people do rely upon what they know in troubling times. We take faith in our religions/spirituality and a lot of gun owners that I know out here correctly defend their right to own guns. I honestly do not think that Obama is against guns and certainly not against religion, he's very religious himself after all.

And many of those gun owners are rightly concerned about the over-reaching power of the federal government and are ready to defend themselves against anyone attempting to take away their freedoms. I think that a lot of people (gun owners or not) are suspicious of the federal government these days. And in economic hard times people are more worried about their physical security and ready to defend themselves against crime that often goes up during financially unstable days.

Plus, many people rely upon their guns in a depressed economy for extra food. I know plenty of folks who hunt deer out here to help keep food costs down given the economy over the last few years. You can keep and store deer meat for long periods of time and it's definitely cheaper than buying beef.

As for the anti-immigrant comment, many people somewhat rightly blame illegal immigrants for a shrinking job pool and this is a historical pattern. There has always be tension over jobs whenever America has experienced a wave of immigration. It doesn't mean that people are wrong or bad to be concerned, it just means that people always try to find reasons behind why they are experiencing hard times. It's not a class thing, people of all economic levels look to familiar beliefs and values when faced with an uncertain future.

And all of us are suspicious of people who aren't like us from time to time. It's human nature to think this way. I don't think that Obama was trying to say that it is only small town Americans who feel this way nor that ALL of small town Americans feel this way.

This elitist label is going to far in my opinion. If he is an elitist then why is he the populist candidate? Ninety percent of his donations are coming from average, working class Americans. It's not the big donors giving the $10, $20 donations. Also, if he is an elitist then how is Hillary not an elitist with her hundreds of millions of dollars who has been living in a bubble world since being First Lady? And John McCain isn't your average person either, he is also worth a ton of money and has been entrenched in the club-like Senate for decades.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

There Bill Goes Again!!

If Hillary is exhausted at 11:30 then how in the HELL is she going to be able to hear the 3 A.M. phone call!!!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Sons of Iraq Time Bomb.

I've been watching the General Patraeus/Ambassador Crocker briefings this morning on capital hill and was glad that the issue of, "The Sons of Iraq" was addressed as this group hasn't received enough attention.

They are former Sunni militiamen (roughly 90,000 strong) who use to fight the U.S./Iraqi military before brokering a deal with the coalition forces. Their loyalty and commitment is in question because they are being paid, yes paid by your tax dollars. They receive $300 dollar per person a month which is nearly as much as I receive in disability payments as an American citizen!!! It isn't even money that comes out of the pockets of tax payers' pockets, it's money that I have paid into the system before I became disabled. Yet we can barely pay our bills and afford the gas to get around in our one car. The total pay-roll for the "Sons of Iraq" is roughly $16 million a month.

General Patraeus said that Iraq is now paying some of these "fees" but that's not any better!! We can not expect the Iraqi government to pull itself out of corruption by getting them to pick up these pay-offs!! It just adds another layer of dysfunction to an already chaotic and confusing administration. It also encourages corruption to continue in the Iraqi police forces who often have to bribe their superiors to be promoted. In this kind of situation it is not at all surprising that there hasn't been much progress toward a functioning even nominal Democracy.

To see it another way, the $300 is nearly as much money as some of us are going to receive from the federal government in the form of those rebate checks. However, these guys are getting that equivalent every month whereas our rebate money is a one time deal.

I find it beyond appalling that we are paying off Iraqi gunmen in Iraq while we screw the disabled and needy here at home in America. In addition to not using that money to reinvest in health care, education, rebuilding and our infrastructure that is suffering at the hands of reconstructing Iraq's infrastructure. Buying off your enemy is a terrible long term strategy because it means that you have to pay them indefinitely which is beyond unsustainable. As long as we stay in Iraq we will have to continue these pay-outs and if it's up to McCain we will have to pay them for decades to come. So ask yourself, "Do you want your tax dollars going to questionable militias in Iraq or reinvestments in America to help bring our economy back?"

And what happens when these militias come back and ask for more money? We are basically being extorted by a Sunni mafia and we did it in my opinion out of desperation to make it appear as though we made gains in the Sunni provinces. Yet what most Americans don't know is that it isn't real progress because it didn't come about through a sincere desire from these militias to stop fighting their enemies but is based on bribes.

Some are saying the the ultimate goal is to integrate these fighters into the Iraqi security forces but the Shia dominated government who oversee these security forces isn't excited about bringing their enemies into the fold. And from the Sunni side they are concerned about being involved in security operations that target their brothers in their home regions. Just as we saw over a 1,000 Shia within the army leave their posts when faced with the idea of fighting their fellow Shia brothers in Basra. The army and police are not fully united in loyalty to the the national government and the betterment of Iraq as a whole. They are more concerned about protecting their own ethnic, regional and religious groups.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Barack Obama is Still More Electable than Hillary Against McCain Say Most Democrats.

The latest New York Times-CBS NEWS poll asked Democratic primary voters, "Who has the best chance of beating John McCain?" Overwhelmingly voters said Obama: 56% to 32%. To which the highly annoying Clinton super delegate Gov. Ed Rendell of PA basically, that doesn't matter. It's the electoral math that matters most.

Rendell is assuming that the primary results would be the same as in the general election. Obama isn't going to lose New York, Illinois or California in the general as he lost in the primaries and he has a very good chance in winning Virginia and Colorado.

He will be very competitive in Ohio and Pennsylvania because once up against McCain people will see that the only option for improving the economy and health care is Obama because the Democrats have long been seen as better on domestic issues. Obama has specific plans to put people back to work in Ohio and Michigan rebuilding the infrastructure as well as investing in the emerging green collar economy. John McCain's plan is basically more laissez-faire Republican free market on steroids polices that have gotten us into this mess in the first place.

I am also excited to see Obama shread McCain in the debates. I can just see McCain getting flustered and red faced with rage as Obama plays it cool and steady while scoring excellent points as he's done throughout the dozens of debates during this primary season.

UPDATE: McCain Still Confused Over Iraq:

"Last month, McCain wrongly said Iran trains Al-Qaeda members."

TPJ: Now, the Arizona Senator wanting to be president claimed that Shiite cleric and Mahdi army leader Moqtada al-Sadr called for the cease fire during the recent Basra battle when in reality it was Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki who called for it.

"It was al-Sadr that declared the ceasefire, not Maliki," said McCain.

Then Mickey went on to claim that the Iraqi military was performing well even though President Maliki's campaign to attack Sadr's militia in Basra stalled and fell apart horribly, forcing Maliki to call for the cease fire. During the Basra conflict it is reported that over 1,000 Iraqi soldiers (including some senior officials) deserted their posts. Yep, the Iraq military looks about as capable and ready as it did in the early days of the occupation.

Meanwhile the Shia Mahdi army strong-hold of Sadr City is now engulfed in fierce fighting for a second day leaving dozens dead along with three U.S. soldiers. Two of the three being killed in the "Green Zone" which is reported to be the safest place in Iraq.

And yet what is McBush's overall assessment of how things are going in Iraq?

Disregarding a serious flare-up of violence, Republican presidential candidate John McCain says the United States is "no longer staring into the abyss of defeat" in Iraq.

TPJ: If he's no longer seeing an abyss of defeat and utter failure in Iraq then he's become blind in his old age. Now he's saying he didn't mean it when he said that we should stay for 100 years but even another 5 years isn't tolerable nor sustainable either in lives or financial resources. We're not staring into the abyss of defeat because we are already in that abyss!!! John McSame stated further that, "We can now look ahead to the genuine prospect for success."

And I am looking ahead to the day that I become a millionaire living on my own private island.

Following him is like following that stubborn asshole on camping trips who refuses to acknowledge that your lost.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

President Jimmy Carter all but Formally Endorses Obama.

Former President Jimmy Carter came close to endorsing Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination, leaving little doubt who the Georgia native will back as a party superdelegate.

Speaking to Nigerian reporters Wednesday in the town of Abuja, Carter responded to a question about the prolonged race for the Democratic nomination.

"We are very interested in the primaries," Carter said, according to the Nigerian newspaper This Day. "Don't forget that Obama won in my state of Georgia. My town, which is home to 625 people, is for Obama. My children and their spouses are pro-Obama. My grandchildren are also pro-Obama. As a superdelegate, I would not disclose who I am rooting for, but I leave you to make that guess."

James: This would be a major coup for Barack Obama as Carter is a well respected international figure who knows the kind of leader needed to balance American interests with foreign relations. President Carter is also a highly respected Noble Price Laureate which gives him even more weight with the international community.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And How Exactly is this Good for the Democratic Party?

First, Hillary Clinton sat down and did an interview with Richard Mellon Scaife's newspaper the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. Then one of her major surrogates and her possible V.P. choice Gov. Ed Rendell said FAUX News, er, FOX News was indeed "fair and balanced" in reporting on the Democratic primary and that every other outlet has it out for Hillary.

I guess now it's the "vast left wing conspiracy" that has it out for her. It couldn't be that she is behind by pretty much every marker in determining the winner of the primary could it? No, as usual with her it is everyone's fault for her position in this race but her own. Nor could it possibly be that her negatives are higher than her positives.

As far as Richard Mellon Scaife, he is the infamous ultra-right wing crazy who helped fuel the effort to ruin the Clinton's. In particular, he helped to try and show that the Clinton's arranged for the murder of their friend Vince Foster who served as Deputy White House Counsel under Bill.

Scaife also helped fuel rumors that the Clinton's collaborated with the CIA to run a drug smuggling ring out of Arkansas.

So why would she suck up to him now and do an interview? It looks like an act of pure desperation and a sure sign that she is willing to sell every last bit of the little integrity she has in addition to her soul in order to win. It turns out that after the interview Scaife endorsed Hillary.

What was that again from Clinton surrogate James Carville accusing Bill Richardson for being like Judas because he dared go against the Clinton machine and support Obama? I wonder then what selling out the entire Democratic Party by sucking up to the left hating FOX News and Richard Mellon Scaife can be compared to?

And don't forget how she cozied up to Rupert Murdoch who just so happens to be----wait for it----the owner of FOX News who also endorsed Hillary. The right-wing is salivating over running against her so of course they are falling over themselves to help her try and get there.

No wonder Hillary has been using Rove-like tactics, he's probably a secret aide to her campaign. I wouldn't put it past her after having cozied up to FOX, Murdoch and Scaife.

I hope Pennsylvania won't fall under her deceptive spell.

One more thing, I just saw on MSNBC that the Wyoming Governor, a former Clinton supporter has just endorsed Obama giving him another super delegate. He also picked up the endorsement of former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton who was co-chair of the 9/11 Commission and former chairman of the foreign affairs and Intelligence committees. His endorsement is yet another in a long string of support from those with years of foreign policy and Intelligence experience.

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