Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 News Stories of 2008 According to The Political Junkie.

-The election of the first African-American to the presidency of the United States of America.

-The 2008 recession, which finds America and the world in the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

-The passage of Proposition 8, which changed California's constitution to deny marriage rights to gays.

-The Chinese Olympics and the accompanying protests due to China's oppression of Tibet and their support of Burma and the Sudanese government, which is said by many to be involved in the Darfur genocide.

-The Mumbai terrorist siege.

-Russian invasion of Georgia.

-The shoe thrower protest by Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi. It was more than a funny stunt as it will be seen by many historians as a fitting period to the horror story that was the presidency of George W. Bush.

-Pirates off Somali.

-War in Afghanistan heats up, Taliban resurgent.

-The Governor Blagojevich arrested on corruption charges.

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JoeC said...

What a year. Put it in the books. Happy New Year to you!

Shaw Kenawe said...

I agree with them all. Good work.

And Jan. 20th can't come soon enough! Yay!

The following link should have been posted in your Dec. 24 post, but I'm putting it here so you don't overlook it:

This is a superb video of Christopher Hichens and a Dr. Turek debating the existence of God.

It's quite long, almost 2 hours, so when you're snowed in with nothing good to watch on the teevee, you'll love this.

PS. Hitchens makes Dr. Turek look like an idiot.