Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Obama Cabinet and Staff Selections.

I have been watching Barack Obama's cabinet and White House Staff selections with excitement and anticipation. It appears that I'm not the only one:

Of his high-profile cabinet appointments, 69 percent to 25 percent approve Obama's pick of his former Democratic nomination rival Hillary Rodham Clinton to be his secretary of state. By an overwhelming margin, 80 percent to 14 percent of Americans endorse Obama's decision to ask President George W. Bush's defense secretary Robert Gates to keep his post, said the poll.

58 percent to 33 percent said they support Obama's plan for huge spending packages to stimulate the crumbling economy. By a more than three-to-one margin Americans said they trust Obama to handle the economy better than Bush, who will hand over control to the Democrats on January 20. Americans are not worrying that many of Obama's administration picks worked under president Bill Clinton, with most of them thinking that the appointees will help the incoming team lead more effectively.

TPJ: His desire to select people for their talents and not just for their loyalty tells me that President-elect Obama is humble enough to acknowledge that he doesn't know everything. It also shows me that he is willing and actually encourages dissenting views so that the best ideas and decisions be made whether they are his or not, which shows that he is confident in himself enough to not have to be the only voice in the room. It also shows that he's not weak where he needs "yes" men and women around him to feel confident.

I have also found it refreshing to hear from President-Elect Barack Obama on such a regular basis. It is reassuring to hear him speak about the pressing issues at hand as our current president has pretty much abdicated his role during his last days as our leader. I guess that can be seen as a good thing though that Bush is bowing out early. And combined with the regularity of press conferences from Obama I also like the way he says things with that calm yet assertive style.

It gives me comfort that our new leader is keeping us so informed in what is going on, which is something Bush never did. He never let the American people into the process and I hope that Obama continues this dialogue with us. Obama's emphasis on communication gives me assurance that he really does care what we think of the process and that we won't just be ignored as just "the masses" like Bush did. It gives me the feeling that he understands the true role of the American people in relation to government--the bosses. His ability and willingness to bring us into the discussion is refreshing.

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Riverwolf, said...

I'm pretty happy with Obama's approach, and yet I also would like to see a few more fresh faces. It doesn't seem like such a "change" when you consider all the former Clinton folks. But our country is in the crapper right now, and the last thing we need is wide-eye neophytes running everything IMHO. I think Obama's done a great job in pulling in former opponents which will do wonders in getting everyone in Washington on the same page (hopefully). He seems more concerned about helping the country than in ousting enemies or grandstanding, and that may be change enough.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


Yeah I wish we could see some fresh faces too. I guess at least though he won't be blocked by the Repubs as much in Congress if he went way left.