Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Governor Rod Blagojevich and Chicago Politics.

(CNN) -- In the great annals of "What Was He Thinking?" (political edition), the case of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich sets a new standard -- for its breathtaking stupidity, venality and illegality.

Here's a fellow who knew he was under investigation for "pay to play" schemes, who then allegedly continued to extort campaign contributions -- and more --
without any thought that someone was actually watching. The Illinois governor retires the stupidity trophy currently held by soon-to-be-ex-Rep. William Jefferson, who stuffed $90,000 into his freezer. At least Jefferson tried to hide his criminality.

TPJ: This guy is right out of the movies (or "The Sopranos") but at least the guys in the movies know enough not to talk in their office and home when they know that they are under investigation!! What an idiot. Go to a parking lot out in the industrial part of town at 1a.m. or something for your malfeasance. This isn't some petty crime here either.

This guy was basically auctioning off a U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder from the lowest gutter. His kind of corruption is the stuff of the Robert Mugabe government in Zimbabwe and maybe sending him down there is what we should do except that would be punishing the good people of Zimbabwe more than they are already suffering. This modern day Boss Tweed not only had his hand in the cookie jar but his other hand and both feet too.

So here's my question, "What is wrong with Chicago politics?" Illinois and Louisiana have to have the most corrupt politicians in the country. This kind of corruption is all too common for Chicago. One can build a long list of former governors and other political leaders from Chi Town who have been caught up in the muck but hey, at least you guys gave us Barack Obama.

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Kvatch said...

Blagojevich is an ass. I'm surprised it took them as long as it did to catch him.