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Palin's Mother-in-Law: "I'm Not Sure What She Brings to the Ticket." Plus, Obama's Legislative Achievements.

TPJ: The whole country if not world was shocked to hear that Sen. John McCain selected a governor of Alaska (one of the least populated states in the union) to be his vice-presidental running mate. Even her mother-in-law is surprised and wonders why McCain picked her:

Faye Palin (Sarah's mother-in-law) admitted she enjoys hearing Barack Obama speak, and still hasn't decided which way she'll vote. Faye Palin said the entire family was shocked by the news on Friday.

"I'm not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she's a woman and a conservative."

TPJ: And in a recent poll, Sarah Palin gets the lowest vote of confidence since Dan Quayle!!

Most Americans have never heard of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and 39 percent of voters said they were uncertain if she was qualified to lead as president should it become necessary, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup poll.

The other issue of concern for me is that she comes from a state who gains much of their income from oil and I worry that she would be beholden to the interests of Big Oil just like the McCain of 2008. She's also for drilling in ANWR. And it concerns me that her rabid pro-oil stance would continue the past attitude of ignoring and not funding alternative research which will be the long term solution of this energy crisis.

We keep hearing about judgment in this campaign and that picking a vice-presidential candidate is the first big decision of a possible president. Well Obama picked someone with great credentials and one who will challenge him. And on the other hand McCain picks a "glorified soccer mom" (actually she calls herself a hockey mom) and there isn't anything wrong with being a soccer mom (in fact it's important to be there for your kids) and I know raising kids isn't easy. That being said though I don't think it qualifies one to be President of the United States of America. As he clearly wanted to go the route of picking a women he could have found several other more qualified and respected women in the Republican Party.

And I am concerned that she doesn't know enough about the economy which is a bigger issue given McCain has said he doesn't know much about the economy. Especially how much experience on financial matters does she have of even her state given she has only been governor for some 18 months!! Besides, I think it's easier to run an economy of one of the least populated states like Alaska than say the state of New York.

Barack Obama has been involved in many important legislative achievements during his short time in the Senate such as curbing nuclear proliferation. Palin supporters tout her fighting corruption in Alaska. Well Obama helped push through Congress a strong ethics reform bill. In Illinois he proposed a law that would require police interegations be videotaped to prevent coherison which had been a problem--and the bill passed 35-0. Illinois thus became the first state to have such a requirement making him a trailblazing reformer.
He played a major role in passing many other bills, including the state's first earned-income tax credit to help the working poor and the first ethics and campaign finance law in 25 years (a law a Post story said made Illinois "one of the best in the nation on campaign finance disclosure"). Obama's commitment to ethics continued in the U.S. Senate, where he co-authored the new lobbying reform law that, among its hard-to-sell provisions, requires lawmakers to disclose the names of lobbyists who "bundle" contributions for them.
Taken together, these accomplishments demonstrate that Obama has what Dillard, the Republican state senator, calls a "unique" ability "to deal with extremely complex issues, to reach across the aisle and to deal with diverse people."

TPJ: In addition, Barack had the foresight and judgment to vote against the ill-planned war in Iraq and Palin is quoted as saying she doesn't think much about Iraq!! And today on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," George mentioned to Cindy McCain that she (Sarah Palin) doesn't have any foreign policy experience to which Cindy said the following. "The experience that she has comes from what's she done in the government (TPJ: Like what Cindy??). And also remember that Alaska is the closest part of our continent to Russia. So it's not as if she doesn't understand what's at stake here." Wow. So now she's a Russia expert because of Alaska's close proxcimity to Russia? Has she ever traveled to Russia or just looked at it through binoculars?

Check out this page/blog to see more of Obama's achievements. In addition, Obama has gone through 20 some debates where he has been forged in the furnace of the pressure of those debates and came out looking pretty good. We shall how Palin does in her debate with Joe Biden.

See what Alaskan journalists and others have to say about Palin. Meanwhle Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on southern Louisiana and my father-in-law is right in the path, I hope he'll be o.k. But speaking of Gustav, I think it's ironic that some of these radical, right-wing Christians were praying for it to rain during Obama's speech but instead the weather was perfect. Now it's the Republican's turn and they are having to compete with the biggest hurricane of the season. I of course believe it to be a coincedence but I hope that this irony shakes their misguided faith.

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