Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama Sticker Give-Away. Plus, McCain and the Georgian Conflict.

Does anyone need an Obama sticker? I have an extra and would be willing to send it to you. I would prefer to send it to someone in a battleground state though. It's white with blue letters from Moveon.org. Let me know...Meanwhile,

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has seized on the current Georgian crisis as an opportunity to talk tough to the Russians and tout his foreign policy experience.

However, according to CNN, "McCain's claim to have a handle on national security could be slightly undermined by mispronouncing the name of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili three times."

McCain repeatedly called the foreign leader "President Sashkavili."

Matthew DeLong at the Washington Independent was even more scathing, noting, "McCain gave a brief history of the republic, and said he has met with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili 'many times, including during several trips to Georgia.' ... I don't mean to be petty -- the name is not an easy one to say correctly, particularly for Westerners -- but McCain wasn't even close. If he met 'many times' with the Georgian president, it would probably be a good sign that McCain had done his homework and pronounced the leader's name properly -- especially when he is highlighting his supposedly close relationship with Saakashvili."
It has also been pointed out that McCain's "brief history" of Georgia appears to have been lifted in part directly from Wikipedia -- presumably by McCain staffers, since the candidate himself has confessed to having no knowledge of how to use the Internet.

TPJ: It's even more disturbing as McCain claims to be a foreign policy expert despite a long list of gaffes in regards to this subject with this one being the latest. This kind of thing reminds me of Bush and we don't need another clueless president like him. And besides that he seeks to punish Russia by kicking them out of the G8 which will only cause more tension. In addition, suppose we somehow kick them out of the G8 and then need their help later with Iran? They aren't going to want to help us out much don't ya think?

UPDATE: It looks like a cease fire is in effect and that a peace deal might soon be signed thanks for the French President Sarkozy. Ironic that France is the broker helping make this happen when so many Americans despise the French and think they are cowards and ineffectual on the world stage (which is obviously false). Yet the our Secretary of State and supposed expert in Russian affairs was caught flat footed, our response and assistance in this matter has so far been a failure.

Imagine if we had followed McCain's lead!! He'd probably had have us in war with Russia by now with his Bush like intimidation tactics. Oh yeah and McCain's chief foreign policy adviser has lobbied for Georgia.
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