Monday, August 25, 2008

My Plea to the PUMA Organization and Other Clinton Supporters. Plus, Pakistan is Falling Apart and Joe Biden Knows It.

I'm concerned at the number of former Hillary Clinton supporters who say that they will vote for John McCain. I want to try and cool the embers between the two camps and do my best to convince the Clinton supporters to come around to Obama.

First let me say that I was an Obama supporter who said that I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she was the nominee but then I reminded myself that I am a strong Democrat and that Hillary would be extremely better than John McCain. I have come around to Hillary since the primaries and am starting to see her through the eyes of her ardent supporters. I realize now that she is a very important figure in the Democratic Party and hopefully will be for some time to come. I was wrong to have so much anger in my heart toward her and I apologize for letting my emotions get carried away during the primaries to anyone who might have been offended.

I completely understand the frustration and disappointment by not having your choice for president nominated, especially when you have invested so much into that person's campaign. I would have been heart-broken if Obama lost and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have barely lost. So I'm not going to be the kind of person to say "get over it." That is insulting and not productive for the party and for the good of the lives of the people we all seek to better. It would not be helpful toward seeing the ideas and issues that we all care about succeed.

So this is my plea, I know that you might not like Obama and you might even hate him and us his supporters. I beg you though to reconsider voting for John McCain as he stands against everything that Hillary stands for. I hope that you don't abstain from voting at all this election because it is so important to turn this country around and fix the mess that Bush handed us. So if you can't see yourself voting for Obama the individual, I simply ask you to consider voting for him because he stands for the issues that Hillary champions too. Vote to stop McCain from appointing judges that stand against a woman's right to choose. Vote for a more universal health care system that McCain stands against. Vote for increasing the wages of the Americans who's needs have been ignored by Bush and McCain. Vote for the economy that Bush/McCain policies have broken. I think we all attach too much importance on the individual rather than the issues. I know that I have been guilty of that from time to time.

So I extend my hand in hopes that you'll grab it and join hands so that we can reverse the disasterous last 8 years. No matter what you think of Barack, at least he will be an improvement on "W." I don't expect to convert you but I hope at least to open a dialogue and get you to rethink your descision to vote for McCain. All I ask is that you think about it. I am being very sincere when I say this because It pains me to see so much anger amongst Democrats and like minded Republicans and Independents. I am more than happy to listen to your struggles with Obama and even if I can't convince you to side with us I want you to know that you are being heard and respected. I am excited to hear Hillary's speech and know that she will do a great job as she is so good at motivating people as represented in all the people who voted for her. Thank-you for listening or in this case, reading. :)

PAKISTAN IS BLOWING UP...LITERALLY. Barack has been speaking about the need to refocus on Aghanistan/Pakistan for some time now as has Hillary and Joe Biden. Joe has long sounded the alarm on readjusting our Pakistan policy for some time now (that link is to a great read by the way from Biden on Pakistan). So I think Biden will be a great assest to an Obama administration. He'll be a great advisor and confidant to Obama and I like that Obama wanted someone like him to be V.P. to say no to him and disagree with at times. It shows that he's willing to get it right rather than be right unlike McCain and Bush who are pure ego.

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paulina said...

More like me, are very angry with the DNC. I voted for Hillary and live in Florida. I am aware of problems they had with Texas caucus' delegate votes as well as in other states, but I can not comment because I was not there. I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR MCCAIN and others I know are thinking of voting third party or not voting at all. I was not surprised Obama did not pick Hillary as VP. I respect Obama's right to have his "own presidency" and to not be in the "shadow" of Hillary. I think Joe Biden is an excellent choice - one Clinton might have picked herself:} I will always believe Hillary would have been the democratic nominee without DNC manipulation and would have been our 44th President of the United States. With that said, I have chosen to vote the Democratic ticket because my family can not afford 4 more years of a Republican Administration or no end to the Iraq War. This outweighs the anger I have felt since the DNC interfered with the democratic process. I look forward to her speech tonight. Hillary can not unite the party herself, just as I can not vote for McCain.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


Thank-you for the comment. I'm glad that you responded.

Yeah I haven't been the happiest with the DNC either. I think it's time for Dean to move on after this election.

I just wanted to thank-you for supporting the Democratic issues that we all care about.

I hope that Hillary will be apart of an Obama administration by either being in the cabinet or championing the issues we all care about in the Senate as maybe the Senate Majority Leader. She's be much better than "limp noodle" Harry Reid.

And how about that speech last night?!! Wow. She really impressed me last night and that speech will be one of the best in conventions history I believe. I especially loved the "no way, no how, no McCain."