Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama's Speech Last Night at the Democratic Party Convention. Plus, McCain's Houses and his P.O.W. Experience.

I'm blogging to you from just up the road from Denver where I live and let me just say that this state of Colorado is buzzing like a billion bees. Michelle moved me last night because I had never really heard her full story and it is an all-American story. I liked that she said the future of her children and those of all Americans is her stake in this election. It warms my heart to hear that she is looking out for the future of America's youth because in these difficult times they need as many champions as ever before. She spoke of the pride that swells her heart when she sees the compassion and intelligence of her mother in her children. She spoke of Obama working to expand equal pay for equal work.

I was particularly impressed with her love and respect for her father who despite having crippling Multiple Sclerosis. he went to work as a blue collar city worker. She spoke of her father being the rock of the family despite his disability and that really struck my hear being someone who has a mental illness disability. Especially when she mentioned fighting for the mentally ill. It shows the compassion and ability to see the best in people that lies within her core. Some people wouldn't be able to look past his condition and see the real person he was to his daughter and family. She proudly talked about despite the pain he suffered he always smiled and even when he had to walk with two canes to cross the room he still kept going despite that struggle. He just woke up a little earlier and worked a little harder. He and his wife poured everything that they had into their children and that is echoed in how the Obama's raise their own kids. Always showing them that they were loved, cherished and had a special place in this world. She went on to say that his example showed her that the American Dream endures.

She passionately spoke about how only in America coulds the improbable story of her and her husbands lives be possible and that is why she loves America. That anything is possible.

She is the modern woman who juggles a job and being a mother beautifually. She spoke of her devotion and that of Barack to their children to raise them right. She mentioned a very touching story that shows the inner character of Obama. It was the day that they took their first daughter home from the hospital and he drove carefully down the road nervously glancing in the rear view mirror to make sure that Mom and baby were still o.k. feeling the whole weight of her future in his hands. He was determined to give her everything that he struggled so hard to gain for himself. And that is partly why he is running to give everything that he struggled so hard to gain for himself to all of America. He was determined to give them something that he never had, the firm embrace of a father's love.

She spoke of how our children and grandchildren will speak of how in this election we followed our hopes insted of our fears. After her speech we were treated with a "hello" from Barack via a live video of from where he was sitting with a family watching her speech. And in a wonderfully unscripted moment her kids grabbed onto the microphone and talked to their Daddy like they were the only ones in the room. It was adorable to Barack talk to his beautiful children as just a Dad and not the possible President of the United States of America. Barack then said that now you know why I asked her out so many times, I was persistent and America wants a persistent president! Great moment. Now I'm looking forward to Hillary's speech tonight. I'm sure it will be just as good as Michelle's if not better. And Bill's speech should be electric. So far the convention has been fun and inspiring.

Watch her speech. Part 1:
Part 2:
Here's the video of the interaction between Obama and his kids. It starts around the 3:30 mark:

Meanwhile, McCain was on Jay Leno trying to go to the well one more time to use his time as a P.O.W. to deflect criticism of the 7-10 houses that he owns. Does he feel that being a P.O.W. means that he deserves those houses because if that's the case then so do all those homeless Vietnam Vets and those Iraq vets who will benefit from the new G.I. bill to buy just one house, a bill that McCain did not support. Why doesn't he give one or two or three of those houses to some of these homeless vets? We all know that McCain is a war hero and he should be admired for that but I fail to see what the 7 houses scandal has to do with his P.O.W. experience. Just because someone once lived in the horrible conditions that McCain did doesn't mean that they can't still become out-of-touch with average people later on in life as McCain has.

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Snave said...

What I liked about Michelle Obama's speech was that it wasn't any kind of hard-hitting attack on John McCain, but rather seemed like her making the best of her chance to show America how much she loves her country, what kind of person she is, what kind of special relationship she has with her husband, and how the two of them represent a real American story. This was good stuff. She will make an excellent First Lady. Maybe some undecided voters who were leery of the Obamas might have warmed up to them a bit last night!

As I listened to her speak, I kept thinking "How will they be able to criticize this? What's there to criticize?" My answers to my own questions are "They can't" and "Nothing"!

Someone who was shown as much love as she was during her upbringing should be an amazing advocate for all in need, and she will be guided by love and not by fear. Knowing that she is Barack Obama's best friend in life? I think that is a very good thing.

Compare her to Cindy McCain... scheise! There is no comparison!!!

The unguarded family moment that happened in public? Priceless!

As for McCain, I'm not sure how much he ever really has been in touch with common people. Maybe some during his early life... Once he got into the Naval Academy (where he finished near the bottom of his class), it seems he rose in the military by virtue of his family name. He was a POW, but is that in itself heroic? Maybe, maybe not. How long has he been married to Cindy, and how much is she worth? Her comment about getting around in Arizona was that the only way to do it is by small, private plane. Sheesh!!

In my mind there is no question as to who is more in tune with average Americans, who is more intelligent, and who has a more reality-based grasp on current issues. It's Obama. And his wife made her case very effectively for herself, for her husband, and for the Democrats this time around!

I apologize for gushing and getting so excited, but hey, that's what conventions are for, right? 8-)>

Handsome B. Wonderful said...


Yeah it was so warm and open. I really enjoyed the personal nature of the speech. As much as I love Michelle, I had never heard that story and was so touched.

No worries about gushing, I do it all the time about her and her husband. I won't deny that I see Obama as a once in a lifetime figure who I really admire and look up to. :)