Monday, June 04, 2007

Where is Condi Rice our "Russia Expert??"

Have you heard about the tension regarding Russia protesting the Bush plan for a missile defense shield in Europe?? So much for Condi Rice and her "expertise on Russia."

Then there is the pesky issue that the people of the Czech Republic are not happy in the least about being the base of the radar system for this so-called "shield."

Sixty-one percent of Czechs oppose the proposal to locate the site an hour southwest of Prague, opinion polls show.

GOI: To put a finer point on it large protests are planned to greet Bush in Prague regarding this issue and already one protest has taken to the streets:

Hundreds of protesters carried an effigy of Uncle Sam and staged a mock trial of US President George Bush today in demonstrations against his visit in the Czech Republic and US plans to build a missile defence system.

Chanting “Shame on Bush!” and waving cardboard rockets, they rallied peacefully on a square near the medieval Prague Castle before Mr Bush’s evening arrival and scheduled speech tomorrow to an international conference on democracy and security.

Opponents contend the shield – which the US says would help protect both it and Europe from a rocket attack by Iran – could make Czechs a target for terrorists and re-ignite Cold War-era tensions between Washington and Moscow.

“We had Russian troops here for more than 20 years, and I was against that, too,” said Karel Janko, 63, a businessman protesting what he called “America’s misguided motives” behind the missile shield.

GOI: Support isn't much better in another key missile defense system country, Poland where 10 ballistic missile interceptors are to be located:

In Poland, which Bush will visit on June 8, opposition to the missile defense system rose to 57 percent in April from 55 percent a month earlier and 32 percent in December, base

GOI: I guess we have to fight them in Europe too so that we don't have to fight them at home. You know this whole plan for a missile defense shield reminds me of an over-bearing father forcing his children to stop crying and fight like a man because it's for "their own good."

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Undeniable Liberal said...

Why does the entire rest of the world hate America? Duh!

Lynne said...

The ONLY reason anyone would want to attack the Czech Republic is to hit the U.S. bases there. Get rid of the U.S. military presence and you get rid of the target.

James said...


Yeah it's pretty self-evident.


Exactly. I'd be furious if my government was going to side in with the Bushies to use my country as a base for their bullshit foreign policy.

It seems that Bush makes everyone an enemy. I wouldn't be surprised if somehow we end up in a war with some random country like Benin--that's just how things go with Bush. Everything he gets involved with turns to shit.

Brent said...

Do you think that this has anything with people outside the US knowing that we are trying to build an Empire spanning the globe or that we are just dumb fucks and screw up everything that we touch?

James said...


I think Bush is just so fucking stupid that he gets into messes like this without even hardly trying.