Thursday, June 28, 2007

The "Surge" Update and China's Poison is our Food

President George W. Bush pleaded with Americans Thursday to give time for his troop "surge" in Iraq to work amid signs of increasing skepticism in his Republican party.

Bush, speaking at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, said the US military was at the "beginning stage" of its offensive in Iraq as the last of the 30,000 extra troops he ordered into Iraq arrived this month.

GOI: If we're in the "beginning stage" then the "middle stage" should begin about September when things will be "reassessed" and the "final stage" should take place the day that Bush walks out of the White House. You watch--it'll happen.

GOI: In other news, China is still literally sending us poisoned products:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Farmed seafood joined tires, toothpaste and toy trains on the list of tainted and defective products from China that could be hazardous to a person's health.
The Food and Drug Administration announcement was only the latest in an expanding series of problems with imported Chinese products that seemingly permeate U.S. society.

Beyond the fish, federal regulators have warned consumers in recent weeks about lead paint in toy trains, defective tires, and toothpaste made with diethylene glycol, a toxic ingredient more commonly found in antifreeze. All the products were imported from China.

GOI: Antifreeze?? Oh that's nice. I guess that's a new flavor. You know, mint, regular or antifreeze. At what point does this become an issue of national security?? One would think that the safety of the American people would be an issue of national security. That being said, why should we be surprised when this lack of government regulation is coming from a government that is run by a president who's party has outright disdain for the idea of government in the first place!! As Thom Hartmann says, (and I'm probably paraphrasing a bit here) "You can't govern if you're against the idea of government." It sounds like the FDA under the Bush Administration is running it via "faith based" methods and I guess that's what they're trying to tell us--pray to "God" that you're food is safe.

This from the same government that brought us the FEMA Katrina nightmare.

This is what we get when we spend a major chunk of our federal budget on an endless war and a ballooning military industrial complex. This is what we get when we farm out jobs to a country that has nearly no standards, uses child labor and no worker rights. I'm tired of people whining about how much American union workers get paid--you get what you pay for, o.k.?? Do we want quality products that are made by Americans under strict regulations or cheap junk from a country that couldn't care less about our safety and that of our children? I think the answer is obvious.

This is what happens when we let the market forces of the multi-national, uber-corporations run rampant.

Here's a thought--if it's costs too much because it's made in America under rigorous standards then maybe you don't need it.

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Undeniable Liberal said...

Meanwhile, the rich get richer, and everybody else can go Cheney themselves.

James said...


Yep, we're turning into a feudal state.

Lynne said...

Man, that picture of the flag says it all.

James said...


Sady, it does.