Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Romney and Most Christian Conservatives Want it Both Ways

I was thinking this morning about Mitt Romney and his Mormon religion. As some of you might know I was raised Mormon but have since left the church and am now basically a Buddhist. So I know a lot on the Mormon faith.

I find it interesting that Romney gets a pass on his religion as JFK did being Catholic and while I think that is the way it should be I find Romney playing both sides of the street and taking advantage of that courtesy. Let me explain.

Romney says that religion shouldn't be an issue when running for president but then inserts religion back into his campaign when he panders to Christian groups!! This is typical Republican exploitation of religion. They take advantage of religious freedom to try and use religion to advance their political agenda. However, when you dare criticize these types of tactics they scream at the top of their lungs that their religious freedoms are under attack!!! As well as coming full circle yelling that their religion is no bodies business but theirs!!! They misinterpret criticism and a differing opinion for repression of their faith.

Another example is when politics is preached from the pulpit. Then when they are threatened with the government repealing their tax exempt status for doing so they again claim their religious freedoms are being repressed. They use religion as a wedge and exploit peoples respect for religious tolerance.

Well I for one am sick of backing down from this game. If these candidates are going to talk about their religion then I am going to judge their religious beliefs as much as I would their beliefs on Iraq, terrorism or domestic issues.

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Undeniable Liberal said...

What is really sad is how these slimebuckets distort religion so badly.
Oh, and you know better than I, but in my limited knowlege of Mormonism, isn't that religion even MORE intolerant than Catholics?

Brent said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you James. If they look to their religion to find justifications for their decisions as politicians, then their Religious beliefs must be part of the deliberation process of deciding who to vote for.

You can't be serious about politicians using double-standards for themselves! The Horror! *snark*

James said...


Yeah Mormonism is pretty intolerant. Don't get me wrong--there are many very kind Mormons but most are very intolerant of other beliefs. I would also say that they are even more strict. From what I now of Catholicism.


I know--why do I keep hoping politicians will somehow get a clue?? And usually I'm an eternal pessimist.