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Edwards/Obama Ticket?

As you know I've been a Barack Obama supporter since before he officially threw his hat into the ring. I was first introduced to him, as many, via the 2000 Democratic National Convention. His fiery speech gave me chills of inspiration and it touched me deeply hitting at my core. He was reaching me in a way that most Democratic candidates have never done--except John Edwards. And there in lies my dilemma. I am now leaning away from Obama and toward Edwards. Which somewhat pains me because I really like Barack but I just don't think he's ready to lead this country.

I am impressed with Obama's ability to rally people and convey a passionate vision for the country. However. I have been sorely disappointed with his lack of command and his timidity during the last two Democratic debates. He seems to lock up and have trouble with substance, plans and concrete ideas that are bold, full of conviction, practicality and honesty about what it will take to realize those things. He started his campaign with plenty of conviction (as all campaigns do) but I think that he has since settled into thinking too much of how things might poll and relying too much on his advisers.

The debates are important to me because it gives me a chance to see candidates respond to live questions as well as immense pressure and Obama does not like to be pressed it seems. At least from the two debates I've seen him in. He seems to be in over his head when pressured and falls back on scripted responses that are full on promises but short on substance. A president must remain cool under pressure and be able to think fast and come up with the right answers. It's a tall order to be sure but we are talking about the most powerful and important job in the country (and perhaps the world seeing how America is still the only "Super Power." Although China is getting there). After 8 years of a president who has been "learning on the job" (and doing very poorly at it I might add) I am leary of another "on the job training" candidate. I like a candidate who is tried and true and polished in their platform.

Anyway, because of Barack Obama's inability to come up with solid answers to unscripted questions and scenarios tells me that he does not have a very strong and experienced command of the issues. This is all leading me to think that he would be an excellent vice-president and I would love to see him run with John Edwards.

Edwards has everything that Obama has and the depth in platform and ideas that Obama seems to lack. Edwards is someone that I've liked for awhile too. I was very impressed with the way he ran his campaign in 2004 and was greatly inspired when I saw him speak in Denver at a campaign rally as part of the Kerry/Edwards ticket. I remember at the time that I couldn't help but think that the ticket was backwards. I knew that John Kerry was not as strong a candidate as Edwards and perhaps that was a bit of fore shadowing for the collapse of John Kerry.

Edwards ripped Darth Cheney a new one in the vice-presidential debate as well and I was just blown away at how politically savvy and yet sincere he was about the issues--and he still is.

The other thing that I like about Edwards is that he is honest and perhaps painfully so to some people. I, like some were dismayed when he voted for the war but for me he made up for it by admitting he was wrong. Honesty--something you rarely (if ever) hear from a presidential candidate. I like people (and especially candidates) that can admit when they are (and were) wrong. It lets me know that they are not just worried about their political ambitions and, "What polls well" or will it make me look weak. It makes them look human and able to relate to the average man who makes mistakes everyday.

He like most politicians has big ideas but is very straight forward and honest about them and what it will take to see them happen. He knows that his universal health care plan will require raising taxes and It is so refreshing to hear a politician admit that. I'm sick of these wishy-washy Democrats who won't say the word "taxes." Americans have become spoiled and lazy expecting the best of everything without having to pay for it. Well you know what? It takes money to have a well run government that can fulfill it's obligations to the people and that means taxes but targeted taxes.

We cut taxes for the middle class and raise them for the wealthy who can absorb them easier then the average worker who is living pay check to pay check. The wealthy owe a debt of gratitude to this country that enabled them to make all that money they have or inherited. So they only make 5 million a year instead of 10 million a year--big deal. They can afford the cut more then anyone else--and that is what John Edwards understands and is not afraid to say.

He understands that the backbone of this country is the middle-class and that by helping the poor we all improve. He is a true populist and that is something that this country sorely needs after Bush's war in Iraq and years of Republican rule have left this country broken and falling behind the rest of the world in social issues.

I think the issue that is tipping me over toward John Edwards is his health care plan and especially his mentioning the need to have mental health issues treated with the same attention as any other biological disorder. As some of you know I live with many mental health issues which has greatly affected our finances and any candidate who can address the mental health care crisis in this country definitely has my ear.

So, for now I am taking down the Barack Obama for president button on the blog.

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Tom said...

Bummer, Dude. From my chair in front of the TV it seems that Obama is doing very, very well in the debates. Indeed, since the CNN convocation, Obama has moved to within ten points of Hillary, nationally, according to the concensus polling chart over at

I don't dislike Edwards, but he is well down the list for me. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. But I am surprized - pained, even - that an enthusiastic Obama supporter would lose confidence in him. To my ears and eyes, he grows evermore splendid with every utterance and public appearance.

James said...


Yeah I don't know. I haven't given up on him but I am now looking around a bit. I would CERTAINLY prefer Obama to Hillary--that's for sure!!

Tom said...


Fortunately there is a long way to go and more debates and information will be acoming.

I'll be happy with any Democrat over any Republican.

So far, the 2008 election is mostly wonderful -- or would be if it wasn't going on with the backdrop of the terrible war and other damage that the current administration is doing to our country. "Conservatism" is a shamed and failed philosophy. A liberal or liberal-leaning president will come into office and restore the US's credibility in the world. He/she will restore justice and compassion; fiscal responsiblity and internationalism. Our country's problems will be dealt with instead of neglected. A glorious new day.

I'm optimistic as hell.

Brent said...


I'm like you. I am also looking around a little bit. I like Edwards, Richardson, Biden, and Obama. However, none of the candidates have "wowed" me. So, I think I'll just stick to the anybody but Hillary crowd.

P.S. - Dude, what is the video linked to your pirate flag?

Undeniable Liberal said...

Anybody but Hillary indeed. Obama would be a fanatastic vice President. Although I love to hear him speak, he is almost TOO good at speaking, which makes me a bit suspicious.
Edwards/Obama? Hell yes!

James said...


I'll be happy with any Democrat except Hillary. And yeah there still is time for Obama to make a come back in my mind. Thanks for sending that info. about his stand on mental illness by the way. :)


I'm not sure what video you're talking about. What is it?


Yeah that would be a dream ticket for me.

Brent said...

The Pirates Against Bush link at the top of your blog has a picture that I'm not allowed to see because I don't have permission. That's what I'm talking about James.

Lynne said...

" some were dismayed when he voted for the war but for me he made up for it by admitting he was wrong."

I won't vote for anyone who voted for the war. Period. I don't want a leader with 20/20 hindsight. I want one with 20/20 foresight.

Right now, I'm with Kucinich. It really doesn't matter to me if any of the rest of them win. They are ALL corporate shills and until the ties between government and corporations are severed, this fucked up mess we call America will continue on its merry way.

James said...


It must link to Flickr where the photo is hosted. I'm might take the image down.


I like Kucinich. I just wish he had more pull with the party. The Dem party machine is powerful and just as elitist as that of the GOP.

I might end up voting third party or writing someone in. I don't care if people think that I'm "throwing my vote away." I'm tired of voting for the best of two evils. I am going to vote my consciousness.

Lord of Logic said...

I too was enamored with Obama when he first hit the scene. But Edwards pointed out in the debate what I had felt leading up to the senate vote on the Iraq spending bill. He then turned from looking like a leader to looking like just another politician when he refused to comment until he tested the waters. Sounded like the same old song and dance.

I do like Edwards. I am a huge fan of Kucinich. I was an advocated for his candidacy the last time. He has some of the most solid and logical perspectives on all the major issues. But he is not very pretty and those perspectives are too deep for the American idol voting public to grasp. That is really what is importat to most of them now.

You know what I would like to see is a debate that is conducted through a Blog format where participants make points and counter points about issues with links, images, and deep thought processes to represent their point. It also might be cool to have them mud wrestle each other too, but that is probably asking too much.

I am only hoping that the democrats yield decent candidate. I have no loyalties. I do know that the chances of a great leader being the wife of an ex-president is about as likely as one being the son of one. Voting for Clinton only proves that we have evolved to the level of name recognition. That is a trait my dog also has. She is an empty suite who owes millions of dollars in favors to Washington special interest groups. Another words the female democratic version of what we have now.

James said...


I supported Kucinich in the last election as well. I would LOVE to see him as our next president.

Never-the-less, as you say most Americans care more about which candidate they would like to have a beer with then intelligence and solid, tangible ideas.

I would love to see that debate format as well. It would be throwing a rare bone to the grassroots crowd for once. Most of these candidates (as most politicians in general) are totally out of touch with the average American.

I use to be a rabid Democrat myself but have since become an independent--one who still leans mostly left to be sure but independent from the Democratic party.

This two party bullshit MUST END--as well as private financing of elections. Both things are unlikely to happen so in the mean time I might just vote again for the Greens.

Scarlet said...

We're talking about two idealists who know how to mix policy and ideas. Sound familiar? I hope so - because most young people in recent memory can't conceive of an idealist/populist government based on NEED and EQUALITY - but I digress.

I'm totally, 100% behind you. We need two thinkers who can "do", not two fuckers who can't.

James said...


Great minds think alike. ;)

Edwards/Obama 08 said...

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