Monday, June 18, 2007

Blair Knew U.S. Had No Post-Invasion Plans for Iraq and Committed Troops Anyway

Nicholas Watt, political editor
Sunday June 17, 2007
The Observer

Tony Blair agreed to commit British troops to battle in Iraq in the full knowledge that Washington had failed to make adequate preparations for the postwar reconstruction of the country.

In a devastating account of the chaotic preparations for the war, which comes as Blair enters his final full week in Downing Street, key No 10 aides and friends of Blair have revealed the Prime Minister repeatedly and unsuccessfully raised his concerns with the White House.

He also agreed to commit troops to the conflict even though President George Bush had personally said Britain could help 'some other way'. Sir David Manning, now Britain's ambassador to Washington, says: On his return to London, Manning wrote a highly-critical secret memo to Blair. 'I think there is a real risk that the [Bush] administration underestimates the difficulties,' it said. 'They may agree that failure isn't an option, but this does not mean that they will avoid it.'

GOI: And people wonder why us Scots want our independence from England. These two deserve each other--Bush and Blair. Tony should move down to Crawford and they can cut brush together and "play war" on Bushy's Playstation 3 and yell at Laura to get them more juice boxes.

Hopefully The Hague has other plans in store for the dynamically dysfunctional duo--we can only hope.

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Undeniable Liberal said...

Juice boxes spiked with vodka....if she's not tripping on Xanaax.

James said...

Liberal: crack me up man. Always good to hear from you. Sorry I haven't been over to your neck of the woods lately--I've been on a mini-vacation but I'm back and recharged.