Friday, June 08, 2007

Alcoholic Beer or "Near Beer?"

I was watching the live feed video from the G8 summit yesterday and saw President Johnny Walker drinking what looked like a beer. I've often thought that he was off the wagon but here's the question.

Is that non-alcoholic or alcoholic beer? I guess the "official" line is that it is "near beer" (non-alcoholic). Never-the-less
according to spokesperson Dan Bartlett Bush was resting in his room after the drinking session with a "stomach ailment" that the spokesperson said was "not serious."

Sounds like a classic hang over to me. I bet you anything that he was hugging the toilet puking out what little guts he has left.

But even if it was non-alcoholic why is he even drinking "near beer??" It's not 100% non-alcoholic anyway--it's about 0.5% alcoholic. For some people even just the look or smell of a "near beer" can cause a relapse. He obviously hasn't grasped the Step 1 of alcoholics annonymous that says basically, "I admit that I am powerless over alcohol." Besides It's a terrible temptation and recovering alcoholics are advised to not drink them. That being said, since when did Bush take anyone's advice or done anything responsible??
I wonder if the brand was Busch (pronounced Bush). It's terrible beer and seems to be the official beer of rednecks--which would fit since George W. Bush is the King of the Rednecks. I know that there are some Redneck Democrats but not many I would surmise.
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Brent said...

Could this be the answer to the question: Why in hell does George W. Bush actually listen to Dick Cheney and the neo-cons?

James said...


Yep. I think they supply him with booze every time he agrees with them.