Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Surge is Bush Talk for Escalation

I'm doing a pre-emptive post in regards to the presidential address tomorrow night. The worst kept secret in D.C. is that Bush will move to send another 20,000 into Baghdad. That's not a surge it's more of a trickle. He's throwing troops around as if he were playing the classic board game Risk. Either that or Georgie Porgie thinks our brave troops are G.I. Joe's for him to use to play in Iraq. Or has he calls it, "that big sandbox over there."

As usual Bush is wayyy too late to the party on this one. We should have gone in with over-whelming force in the first place. However, now that Noah's flood has inundated us over there it is hard to believe that a few more people with buckets are going to recede the deep waters of hatred and violence in Iraq. Throwing some more troops into the mix is a desperate move by a desperate man and that is why it is so dangerous. This is too little, too late and (as usual) he's using living breathing beings as political tools to try and buy himself some more time, loyalty and support from his sycophants. None of it will work I'm afraid and in the end the only thing we'll get for our investment in lives and money is more death and maiming.

Then there is the issue of Generals Casey and Abizaid, "leaving their jobs" who said the surge won't do much. The "Liar-in-chief" then basically went out shopping for a stooge of a general that would support what he wanted to do. I bet he, (General David Patraeus) is already doing a "heck of a job" shining and cleaning off W's rattlesnake skin cowboy boots that are stained with the blood of American soldiers and Iraqi's.

I think that Bush is just trying to "run the clock out" so to speak until his administration is over and then dump his big elephant sized dung heap of a war on someone else. We should have known that only an elephant could make a mess this size.

I almost don't want a Democratic president having to clean up after this guy. Almost but I think the Dem's are up to the challenge.

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pissed off patricia said...

The next president is going to walk into a hell of a mess in this white house. I hope it's someone who is strong in lots of ways.

Notice Tony Blair isn't joining the surge. Funny, we don't hear much about old Tony these days.

If you want to see how and how bad this war got totally screwed up, read the book "Fiasco". It's an outstanding book!

james said...


It'll be a shit storm for sure. Yeah lapdog Tony is finally had it too.

I LOVED Fiasco!!!