Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chuck Hagel: The Republican Who Should be a Democrat

Senator Chuck Hagel is a Republican that I can respect. Actually he's more of a R.I.N.O (Republican in name only). I appreciate his honesty and I savored every inspiring second of the smack down he dished out today during the Senate Intelligence Committee. I could almost hear patriotic music playing in the background as I was hearing him get with it. Think Progress has a video clip of it.

Below is the transcript:

This is a very real, responsible addressing of the most divisive issue in this country since Vietnam. Yes, sure, it’s tough. Absolutely. And I think all 100 senators ought to be on the line on this.

What do you believe? What are you willing to support? What do you think? Why were you elected?

If you wanted a safe job, go sell shoes. This is a tough business. But is it any tougher, us having to take a tough vote, express ourselves and have the courage to step up on what we’re asking our young men and women to do?


I don’t think so.

When I hear, on both sides of this argument, impugning motives and patriotism to our country, not only is it offensive and disgusting but it debases the whole system of our country and who we are.

My goodness. Can’t we debate the most critical issue of our time, out front, in front of the American people?

The expect it. Are we so weak, we can’t do that?

I don’t think so. Like always, the American people are far ahead of us sitting here, far ahead of us. Because we’re concerned about politics. We’re concerned about our position. We’re concerned about our next election.

So we tinker. So we figure out wordsmithing. So should we oppose the president or just not support the president?

Different languages: disagree with the president ; that’s not as harsh as oppose the president.

But you know what, the American people have got this sorted out. They always have. They’re not conflicted with the nuances of life. They understand what’s going on. What we are proposing here — and everyone will have an opportunity to voice their opinion, present their amendments, make their case, as they should.

It’s the strength of who we are, the fabric of our society.

But we owe it to those men and women that we continue to send in that grinder.


dusty said...

Wasn't it great? Wotta speech. He might be republican but he is a true American and he is doing what the Shrub won't..stand up for Americans.

Anonymous said...

My problem with what Hagel is saying is that he keeps effusively complimenting the American people -- and doing that seems politically self-interested and not courageous.

I mean, hell, the stupid American people elected George Bush, TWICE. And 40% of them think Bush is doing a good job in office, today.

Strip out all the self-serving "the American people are far ahead of us" and "the American people have got this sorted out" crappola and I'm with you, James

james said...


Yeah, I was impressed with most of what he said.


As usual, great point. It was thanks to the American people that we are even IN Iraq in the first place. An STILL in Iraq. We aren't as smart as he or we thinks we are. Great analysis.

Still, I love his honest passion.

Anonymous said...

Before you think of him as a Democrat, check his voting record.

james said...


Yeah, I don't think I'd ever vote for him but he's the best Republican out there I think.

Kvatch said...

Voting record was a good speech he gave.

james said...


Yeah it was a speech that stirred my blood in a good way. That does not often happen for me coming from a Republican.