Friday, January 26, 2007

Bush: I'm the Decision Maker

Bush was back on t.v. this morning bitchin' about people criticizing his escalation of the war and overall policy of staying the course in Iraq. Saying again that critics need to put forth their own plan besides one that will lead to "failure." First of all there are many plans out there that have been proposed but second we HAVE failed!!! It's OVER!!! It's looooong been over.

Bush went on to say that his administration's plan is to protect the troops. Bullshit. The only plan to truly protect the troops is to bring them home. Sending more into that meat grinding (as (R) Chuck Hagel called it) isn't protecting the troops.

He's using our bravest to drag this thing out until he can leave office and dump this sack o' shit onto the next president. Not to mention this new Congress.

So on one hand he wants Democrats to come up with a plan. However, when they come up with a plan that isn't one he likes then he says that he's the "decider" (now changed to the "decision maker") and no one will stop him from being the Commander-in-Chief. That no one but the president can make decisions on foreign policy issues!! So what's the point of even offering up plans if he's just going to reject them like he has done already?!! And if the Dems do offer up a plan that is similar to his own current policy then what is the point in being "the loyal opposition"??

That is basically acting like a one party government like in dictatorships where the dictators party agrees and rubber stamps whatever the dictator wants/does. He did say that this would be easier if this was a dictatorship just so long as he was the dictator. I guess that is what he is use to with the the previous, "Do nothing Congress" but there is a new sheriff in town that he can't push around and manipulate and he's throwing one of his silver spoon-in-mouth tantrums.

I'm convinced that he has multiple-personality disorder (dissociative identity disorder) and/or dementia.

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Kvatch said...

"I've done the deciding, and I've decided that I'm not a 'Dictator' but a 'Decision Maker'."

G.W. Bush

JoeC said...

It's like, players are leaving the locker room 40 minutes after failing to convert up the middle on fourth and goal with 2 seconds left. And yet, there stands QB Bush, still got his helmet and pads on, screaming, "Come on, don't be quiters! I'm gonna pass this time!" As you said, it's loooong been over. Let the corporations figure out how to divy up the oil, but get our kids off the field. And take the helmet off, for chrisake. Time to go home, Bushie.

james said...


I got it!! A decision making dictator!! :)

Joe C:

Great Example.